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Transforming Fitness Bootcamps into Multiple Revenue Streams

“Transforming Fitness Bootcamps into Multiple Revenue Streams for Maximal Profit & Results “ for all of my valued subscribers!
 This FREE webinar will be presented by Jonathan Angellilli, a.k.a , Johnny Fitness
Jonathan is a six figure personal trainer that has several elite clients, one being Jillian Michael’s of ABC’s “The Biggest Looser” I have been facebook and online buddies with Jonathan for a long time now, and asked him if he can help show you all how you can maximize your current business by easily creating multiple streams of income from your bootcamps, regardless of how big or small your business is right now.

 He has graciously agreed to present a no holds barred webinar for you all, with practical applications on how you can immediately find golden nuggets within your business and turn them into multiple streams of income.

 This webinar is absolutely no cost to you, so I suggest you sign up quickly as spots will fill very fast!
 In this 1 hour exclusive webinar, you will learn the following and then some:
Creating your culture & tribal laws
Identifying potential private clients from boot camps
Upselling exclusivity & increasing profit margins
Key populations to target for upselling to 1-on-1
Using Rewards to increase # of 1-on-1 clients
Using Survey Monkey to analyze additional revenue streams
The fastest way to affiliate profits: Creating Start up equipment packages

There will also be a brief, live 15 minute Q&A session where you can ask Jonathan specific questions, a huge value considering he is a high dollar trainer and paid business coach!
Here are the webinar details:
Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
***Space is limited***
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
I look forward to seeing you all there! Even if the time is not perfect for you, sign up anyway, as I will be providing a recording! The techniques and strategies Jonathan will reveal to you, can add an extra few hundred, to several thousand a month to your income, so don’t wait, sign up today!

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2 comments on “Transforming Fitness Bootcamps into Multiple Revenue Streams


I missed this due to the timing here in Australia. Can we get a download file?



Jo…you didn’t miss it ..it’s sept 30 so if you register you can get recording…


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