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Tribal Training: Building Your Network (step 1)

Tribal Training: Building Your Network


As fitness professionals we have the opportunity to meet a lot of people.  This can be a blessing and a curse, but if you learn to attract the right people and treat them with like Gold, you can create an endless flow of opportunities.


The majority of people that hire trainers have a little extra cash.  This extra income usually comes from that person performing at their chosen craft, right?  This may not always be the case, but our profession is a luxury item and allows us to meet a lot of influential people in our area and niche.  We get to know these people, their strengths, weaknesses, schedule, challenges, hear about family, friends, events, etc…etc.  But don’t take this time for granted.  You have the opportunity to connect with people in a very personal and consistent way.  You have the opportunity to change their life through your training…and if you help people change, improve and help them reach their goals, you will have a friend for life.


What a gift!


and I truly believe that if you help a ton of people, it will always come back your way…


Put other people first and they will:


  • Bring their friends, family and coworkers to train –      Referrals


  • Introduce you to other people in their network –      This could help you find a good accountant, lawyer, graphic designer, web      guy, commercial real estate broker and more…you never know where this      one can lead you, but you always want to meet people and stay in touch.       The more people that know you, like you and respect you, the better.       I try to expand my network everyday.


  • Open doors – companies, speaking engagements,      articles, TV, PR, charity events and more.  People are what      make the world go round.


  • They will lend a helping hand – one thing I      have learned over the last 14 years of training, is that I don’t      know about much.  Staying on top of your education is one thing, but      learning to run a business is a whole new bag of worms.  Learning      about leases, payroll, accounting, legal issues and all the other joys of      running a business, were all foreign to me.  Luckily all I had to do      was ask my clients if they knew anyone and I usually found someone good      right away.  Saved us a ton of time and energy.


Over time, when you are consistent and help enough people, this process will develop a huge network of people that know you, like you and trust you.  Here’s a few tips that I use to meet people, build trust and create long lasting relationships.


Here are 3 ways to help people out.


1.  Do your job well.  Help people get amazing fitness results.  This includes your clients and people that don’t train with you.  Provide the world with useful articles, handouts, tools and media that can help them overcome their challenges.  This may be a little different for everyone’s niche, but you get the idea.  Determine your niche’s biggest obstacles, and create a few BOMB resources that help them overcome them.


You can share this via social media, Press releases, on your blog, newsletter or even handout to clients to share with friends.  Word travels fast, so give people your best stuff.


2.  Make introductions.  Every person that works out with you has a job, business, profession, family, and a life of their own.  They have their own set of projects, goals, obstacles and other stuff that they are dealing with in their busy lives.  As I talk with people, I may hear of things that they are working on or towards.  If I know anyone that may be able to help, I always offer a referral.  This can be as simple as, “I know someone that ________. Would you like me to introduce you two? Maybe you guys could help each other out.”


Maybe it helps them, maybe not, but people appreciate the offer and it could help them out.  Not related to fitness, but helping people with their lives is a quick way to earn trust and raise retention rates at your camp of gym.


**only refer to people that you know and trust.  Refer people to bad people and it makes you look bad.


3.  Send referrals their way.  Make a mental note about everyone job, profession or area of expertise.  If the opportunity presents itself you may be able to refer another person to them.  I have lawyers, doctors, dentists, coaches, therapists, soccer moms, grandmothers and more come to our gym.  Hundreds of people that are usually trying to grow a business, get another client, feed their family, etc.


Do you like referrals?


Of course you do, so send a few people their way and they will thank you for it.


By doing this stuff, you become the “go to” fitness guy/gal….but also be the guy that knows everyone.  People will start to ask if you know anyone that does _____________.  This network will grow over time and will become the greatest source of new leads, clients and relationships in your life.


Remember, people make the world go round.  So, make sure everyone knows you and then overwhelm them with your willingness to give and help them reach their goals.  You will build a tribe of followers that feeds your business for years to come.

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Corey Beasley is co-owner of Innovative Results, a top personal training facility in Costa Mesa, CA.  He has over 14 years experience, a variety of certifications and currently trains over 50 professional MMA fighters.  He has created a tribal following in his niche and recently developed a product to help other trainers do the same.http://georgettepann.com/tribaltraining

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