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Ultimate bodyweight-kickboxing circuit

Ultimate bodyweight-kickboxing circuit 

by Dani Woodrum

The “Minute to Win It” Circuit

Perform each exercise for 1 minute. After you complete the 6 minute circuit, rest 1 minute and repeat once more.
1) 10 Jumping Jacks/10 High Knees **
2) Narrow stance Squat to Punch
3) Pushup w/ 2 second pause at bottom
4) Prisoner Reverse Lunge to Front Kick – 30 Seconds per side
5) Plank or Rocking Plank
6) Total Body Extensions

**Do 10 Jumping Jacks, immediately followed by 10 High Knees. Keep repeating until 1 minute is up.*

After 2 rounds, rest 1 minute and move to the AB circuit.

The AB-solutely Brutal Circuit

Perform these 3 exercises AMAP (as many times as possible) in 4 minutes. Rest only as needed. Complete this circuit just once.

  • Cross Body Mountain Climbers w/ feet elevated – 12 Per Side
  • Bodyweight Diagonal Chops – 12 Per Side
  • Side Plank Punches – 12 Per side

After completing this circuit once, rest 1 minute and move to the Finisher.

And then shut-it-all-down with 3 minutes of…

The Finisher Strong Circuit

Perform these 2 exercises AMAP in 3 minutes.

  • Burpee to Punch Combo – 4 Reps
  • Prisoner Squat w/ 2 second hold at bottom – 8 Reps

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