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Unique Bootcamp Circuits- Demon Dice


Unique Bootcamp Circuits- Demon Dice


EQUIPMENT: 10 Dice, 6 exercise cards, 8 spacer marker/cones, 3 small containers, lots of points counters (I use coins) and something for each team to roll the dice on, e.g. a clip board. 
TIME: Two 12 minute halves (I usually play a quick game at half time to break things up). 
AIM: To score as many points as possible by rolling the dice and completing the numbered exercise that matches the number rolled on the dice. 
METHOD: Split the group in to two teams. Each team must have their own team marker and small container. The container for the points (coins) should be situated in the middle of both team markers. Space out six markers each with its own exercise around 20 metres out (see diagram). To start: Players (one by one) individually roll the dice; they must run to the exercise station that represents the number that they rolled. Players must complete a set amount of repetitions at that station, return back to base and put a coin (point) in their team pot. The player then repeats the process. Just remember that individuals are rolling the dice for themselves and not for the rest of the team. If a player rolls the same number twice in a row on their second roll, they must sprint to a set point before continuing on with the exercise. 

Beginner/intermediate – 10 reps

Intermediate/advance – 15-20 reps


The team with the most points (coins) at the end of the challenge wins.


  1. First team to complete a certain number of sets wins. Each team would be given a set amount of coins (sets). The first team to deposit all coins in the instructor’s pot would win the challenge. To make things harder the pot could be moved away so that team members would have to run further to deposit their coin.
  2. Pick exercises that focus on one part of the body. I.e. upper, lower or core.


NOTES:      For odd teams, the team with a missing player will nominate one person to put two coins in the container for each point to make up for the missing player.Adjust repetitions according to the fitness level of the group.Players will want to blast through the exercises therefore correct form must be stressed from the start.



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