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Unique NEW kettlebell exercise

 Unique NEW kettlebell exercise

Kettlebells have been around for generations. They’re a time tested
tool — great for building strength, muscular endurance,
coordination and even new muscle mass. But kettlebell programs
aren’t always all that exciting. Until now…
There’s a new kid on the block. I discovered a whole new approach
to kettlebells from a guy named Scott Sonnon. He actually spent
time training at a sports institute in the former Soviet Union. He
did all kinds of funky stuff over there. But one of the things he
brought back was a thorough knowledge of kettlebell training.
Since then, he’s been busy. He’s infused the age old kettlebell
traditions with modern sport science and cutting edge recovery
techniques. The result — the program I stumbled upon — is the
TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz program.
TACFIT stands for Tactical Fitness. Scott spends most of his time
training special operations personnel, law enforcement agents and
other first responders around the world. Kettlebells are one of his
goto training tools.
The way he explains it, he’s taken the specialized techniques he
applies with his elite clients and refined them into a tight
package designed for use by ANYONE interested in improving their
physique, health and sports performance.
But I’m probably not doing the program justice. Head over to
Scott’s site and watch the intro video. Not only does he explain
the origins of this powerful kettlebell training system, he even
TEACHES YOU one of his signature exercises.
Unique NEW kettlebell exercise  <— Click here
The exercise in the video is the second level in the progression.
And that’s the other beauty of this program. There are four levels
to every exercise. So anyone can tackle it, but even the most
advanced trainee will be challenged.
Make sure you check it out now. I’ve secured a deal for you. You’ll
save $30 and get two bonus bodyweight programs if you get in now. But
Scott didn’t guarantee that he’d keep that page up forever

Unique NEW kettlebell exercise

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