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Using Tabata Burpee Workouts To Challenge Your Boot Campers While Getting Results!

Using Tabata Burpee Workouts To Challenge Your Boot Campers While Getting Results!

Funk Roberts – FunkMMA and Funk Roberts Fitness

 What do you get when you combine the ultimate full body exercise with the most popular 4-minute workout protocol…Tabata Burpees.
Tabata Burpees Video

I have always found ways to implement burpees into all of my boot camps, training sessions and workouts.  It’s an exercise that, although most people HATE, always gets results.


The problem is doing the same old burpees over and over again can get boring, monotonous, boring and counter productive, especially when your body adapts to the exercise.


So, I need to find creative ways to include them into every session for my athletes, clients and campers.

Tabata Burpees is my attempt to create circuits that are cutting edge, interesting yet effective at fulfilling my client’s fitness goals.


This is how it works:

My Tabata Burpees use two burpee variations done one at time using the Tabata protocol. You will take a 2-minute break in between your set of exercises and then repeat the Tabata protocol with the second burpee variation.

The workout will take no more than 10 minutes.


Try these Tabata Burpees Workouts in your sessions


Tabata Burpee Workout #1 – The Climb of Death (in video)

  1. 1.      Everest Climber Burpees
  2. 2.      Sprint Climber Burpees

Tabata Burpee Workout #2  – Burpee Build Ups

  1. 1.      Burpee Flash Jacks or Jumping Jack Burpees
  2. 2.      Plank Build Burpees

Tabata Burpee Workout #3 – Super Tabata Burpees

  1. 1.      Alternating Arm Raise Push Up Burpees
  2. 2.      Spiderman Burpees (Knees to Elbow Push Ups)


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Tabata Burpee Finishers “Attack of the Burpees” program!





Get 24 bodyweight only Tabata Burpee Workouts with 40+ new burpee variations plus demo videos of each circuit

Use these 24 Tabata bodyweight burpee circuits with an additional 40+ new burpee variations to continue to keep things new and exciting for your clients while getting results fast!


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Who is Funk Roberts?


Funk Roberts is a former professional athlete turned CPT, MMA Conditioning Coach, Certified Metabolic Training Expert, Kettlebell Specialist, Online Fitness Trainer and was just named one of America’s Premiere Fitness Experts and seen on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV

For over 15 years he has have helped thousands of regular men, women, sports athletes and fighters reach their goals, over and over again.  The one element that is consistent with all this success was the inclusion of burpees into their training regimen.

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