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Weird “Finisher” for Bootcamps (Video)

Weird “Finisher” for Bootcamps 

 Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Workout Finishers 2.0


“Intervals are so 2010” – Craig Ballantyne at the TT Summit in 2012.


Yeah, at this point, I would say that “interval training” are cds while finishers are downloadable mp3s.


That’s what fitness is all about. We learn and then apply to help our clients get better results in less time. Thankfully, thanks to breakthrough research, there’s a new and yet refreshing way to help our clients even more that is even faster than intervals…




But not just any finisher… After all, anyone can do a circuit of bodyweight squats, pushups and run in place. That’s “ok”, but NEW finishers require more creativity.


They need more “umph”.  I knew that as I worked with my campers and clients at my gym in Dallas, GA. So my clients and campers did a variety of ladders, supersets, gauntlets, density circuits and more.


And now it’s YOUR turn. You’re about to rock a new lower body finisher that not only uses the ladder approach, but you’ll also have two “static” exercises where the reps remain the same.


Seeing is believing. Check out the video below…



Do the following circuit as shown. For 1A and 1C, you’ll complete 8 reps in round 1, 7 reps in round 2, etc. until you complete 1 rep each of those two exercises. In 1B and 1D, you’ll always do 10 reps.


1A) Narrow-Stance Goblet Squat (8…1)

1B) KB or DB Swings (10)

1C) Bodyweight Sumo Squat (8…1)

1D) KB or DB Swings (10)


And THAT’S how you use a lower body finisher that rocks your campers’ world instead of the regular interval training.


Who says your clients can’t have fun and smoke fat at the same time?

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Creator of the brand new Workout Finishers 2.0 System

 Get 51 more finishers here








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One comment on “Weird “Finisher” for Bootcamps (Video)

James Pearo

Great finisher Mike.


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