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What Every Bootcamp Instructor Ought to Know About Writing a Good Ad

What Every Bootcamp Instructor Ought to Know About Writing a Good Ad

 Georgette Pann

If you’re like most bootcamp instructors, you’ve become the “chief cook and bottle washer” in your business. That means that not only are you running bootcamps and training your clients, you also spend a lot of time creating marketing materials and advertising your business.


And if you’re like most people who specialize in fitness, marketing probably isn’t one of your other specialties.  That’s why I’ve created this mini crash-course in writing a good advertisement.  You can use these tips to create sales letters, flyers and other sales materials.


Here’s how to put the popular “AIDA” (attraction, interest, desire, action)  copywriting formula to work for you…




Your prospects see dozens if not hundreds of ads every day. They’re inundated. And so they’ve learned to tune out a lot of these ads.  That’s why your first step is to grab their attention, which you usually do with a headline at the top of your sales letter or other advertising piece.


Here are the keys to writing a good headline:


  • It should “speak” to your prospects.  They should feel like you wrote this ad just for them. To that end, you may even specifically address your prospects by including a pre-headline such as, “Attention Football Players!”


  • It should include a major benefit.  What do your prospects MOST want? Do they want to lose weight, improve their speed, become stronger… or something else?  Whatever it is, include the biggest benefit in your headline.



Let me give you a few sample headlines:


  • Who Else Wants to Lose Ten Pounds?
  • Here’s How Real Men Get Ripped
  • Here’s How [your city’s] Best Football Players Get Stronger and Faster





Now that your ad got your potential prospect’s attention, you need to hold his or her interest.  You might do this by:


  • Talking about additional benefits.


  • Telling a story about someone who got results in your bootcamp.  This works well to build rapport with the reader and tap into his or her emotions.


  • Ask a qualifying question, such as “What if you could get the same results as a personal trainer but at a fraction of the cost – would you be interested?”  Or, “Do you ever wish you were faster and stronger?”





Next, you need to make your prospect WANT to become your bootcamp trainee.  You do this by listing all the benefits of your bootcamp, preferably in a bulleted list.


Your benefit statements are really just mini headlines. As such, they’ll look something like this:


  • No more worrying about fitting into your wedding dress – join the Bride Bootcamp today, and you’ll be a knockout before your wedding day!


  • You’ll get in the best shape of your life in just three hours per week!


  • You’ll slice a whopping 2-5% of fat off your body, revealing a trimmer, toner, sexier you!




Here’s the thing…


Your prospective trainee doesn’t really believe your benefit statements. That’s why you also need to prove your claims by providing photos, testimonials and any other relevant pieces of evidence.





Finally, you need to provide a call to action, where you tell your prospect what to do next.  Ideally, you should create a sense of urgency.  For example:


“You’re just a phone call away from changing your life!  So pick up the phone now and dial [number] to claim your spot in the bootcamp.  Plus if you call before [date], you’ll also get to attend a nutrition seminar – absolutely FREE! So call now…”






The next time you sit down to craft a sales piece, just remember AIDA – attention, desire, interest or action. 


Now, you might be still scratching your head wondering how to snap this formula into place in your own sales materials. Trust me, you’re not alone.  Even marketing experts take several years to learn all their closely-guarded copywriting tricks, which is why they charge thousands for one sales letter.


But you don’t have to struggle any more.  And you don’t have to put down thousands of dollars.  Instead, you can use ready-made templates to quickly and easily create your own marketing materials!  And that frees your time to focus on what you do best: Training clients!


Go to http://fitnessbootcampmarketing.com/ now to learn just how easy it is to get your hands on proven sales pieces that attract clients like crazy!

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