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What Exercises Should You Include in Your Fitness Bootcamp?

When people sign up to fitness bootcamps they expect them to be hard and challenging, but it is essential to inject a bit of camaraderie and fun to make them keep coming back for more and achieve their fitness goals.

Although this is likely to be common sense whatever group of muscles you intend to hone and tone in your fitness bootcamp, you must ensure that your bootcampers warm up sufficiently by doing light multi- joint exercises and stretches before getting into the hard stuff.

One of the best bootcamp workouts I, myself, have experienced was outdoors in a large tennis court where exercises were written on tennis balls.The tennis balls were placed at the opposite end of the court to where we were situated. We started of doing squats, while a bootcamper had to sprint and get the first tennis ball, when he got back, we had to all start doing the exercise written on that ball, while the next person sprinted to get the next tennis ball, and so on. Now think about how you could adapt or use this in your own fitness bootcamp.

My least favorite exercise, but a great one for great abdominal muscles, is the plank, or bows and toes. It’s one to test the resilience of your bootcampers. It involves lying on the floor face down, then propping yourself up on your elbows and toes while keeping your back in a straight line from your shoulders to heels. Get your bootcampers hold this position for as long as they can and the first one to ‘collapse’ has to pay a forfeit!(Use your imagination)

It’s this mixture of fun and toughness that makes fitness bootcamp workouts so popular. It fast tracks people’s health and fitness goals in a short amount of time, that hopefully they will take what you have taught them in your fitness bootcamp and carry it over to their everyday lives. Oh, and that they tell everyone about how great your fitness bootcamp workouts are since we all know ‘word of mouth’ referrals work best to increase our client base.

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The tennis ball idea is ace!


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