What is a Hardcore Finisher?

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What is a Hardcore Finisher?

A metabolic finisher is a combination of strength training and conditioning. It’s like putting salsa on your eggs. It makes eggs awesome. Finishers make your workouts even more awesome.

Metabolic finishers are designed to complement and enhance your main strength-training program. Finishers typically last around 4-10 minutes, depending on exercises, reps, sets and the setup. They are done after your main workout, hence the name “Finishers”. Yeah, it is brilliant.

They are typically supersets and/or circuits of bodyweight moves, and can include kettlebells, stability balls, straps, battling ropes, sleds, etc., etc.

Here’s an example

The Hardcore 250:

Perform The Hardcore 250 as fast as humanly possible with good form:

1A) Burpee + Pull Ups x 10

1B) Goblet Squat x 30

-must use at least a 40 lbs weight of your choice

-for reps to count – you must get ass to grass and hips extended at the top

1C) Hand Release Push Ups x 30

-chest must touch floor – hand must come up

1D) Burpee Chin Up x 10

1E) Goblet Lunge x 20 / leg

-must use same weight as you did with goblet squats

1F) Mountain Climbers x 15 / side

1G) Jumping Jacks x 100

-hands must touch overhead

-feet must get wider then shoulder width

As soon as you touch you fingers on the 100th Jack, you’re done.

Make sure to time yourself and film the whole workout – start to finish

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