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What’s the missing ingredient in your success?

What’s the missing ingredient in your success??

 Guest post from Adam McKenzie


Hey everyone Adam McKenzie here from Fintness Contets and Challenges and Fit Pro Automoator.


We are truly blessed to all be in an industry that puts us in front of people each and every day who need our help.


If you run a fitness business you have either been on your own fitness journey at some point in your life or you have a passion to help others succeed and set new limits for themselves.


If we all have a similar passion, why do some fitness businesses do so much better than others when it comes to making a profit on a consistent basis?? Why do some fitness businesses get better results for their clients than others??


It is a very open ended question, but I want to talk about one of the ingredients that I see in almost all of the successful fitness businesses I work with and have owned.


The word “systems” often sends shivers down some of our spines because of the associations you have had with it in the past. What I want to do is change your perspective on systems and see how; by looking at them and implementing them in the right way you will completely transform your business and your life.


I am asking lots of questions because I want you to think hard and honestly answer these questions about your business.


Why do some of your clients get results and others don’t??  Is it the client’s fault?? Do you look after each and every client the same way and if so, how do you track this?


As trainers and coaches it is our duty and obligation to take the people that need our help and set them on a path to get the results they want. What happens if the path you set them on keeps changing or is slightly inconsistent?? How do you currently make sure each and every one of your clients get’s tracked, educated and looked after exactly the same way every single time??


If you have trainers that work for you, how do you make sure they look after your clients exactly the same way you would??


The secret to changing how you should think about creating systems is always start or think about creating a system WITH THE END IN MIND!!


You don’t want to just create a system because you know you need to.  These are not systems for how everyone puts their bags and pens away because it will save you from having to clean it up every day!!

I want you to think about what systems you can create to ensure your clients have the most amazing experience with you, consistency and the best results possible!!


Think about what systems you can put in place to be able to guarantee the results you get, because you can clearly show each and every step they need to take along the way and where you will catch up with them to ensure they are on track and clear with what the need to achieve!!


What software do you use to keep track of your clients results, their programs, and their nutrition. Do you give them journals where they can express how they are feeling and you can learn even more ways in which they can help you?


Once you have created all of these systems, how do you keep track of it all or how does your staff keep track of it all, so it does not take up so much of your time that you lose passion for even doing it??


I am not even touching on member care yet as again that should be a complete system to guarantee each and every one of your clients get’s an amazing and consistent experience from you and your programs.


I understand it can seem overwhelming; it is hard to often know where to start or what to start with. How do you set these things up and how can you do all of this and still run your training businesses??


My advice would be to take tools or systems that others have used and created and adapt them to your business with the end result being how you want to look after and get results for your clients.


When I created Fit Pro Automator everything I talked about and asked you questions about was behind every single aspect of what we wanted to put together. I wanted an online solution to give my clients the very best, to set my business apart from the rest and to make sure my trainers and I had the tools that we needed to get the best results for our clients and to be able to show them and easily educate them on the process the entire way.


What we ended up creating has literally saved and transformed fitness businesses all around the world and I feel excited to know that by using the tools we have created, your life will be easier and your business and your clients will have everything they have ever wanted!!


I have hooked up Georgette up with a link to a special offer to be able to get access to FPA below


If what you are currently doing or using in your fitness business is not your absolute best, then please stop, take a long hard think and look about why you are in this game and what will set you apart and create a successful business and lifestyle for you.


If it is not your best and you realize that, have the integrity to stop how you are doing things, admit your mistakes, learn your lessons and implement exactly what you know will work!!


Also remember it is always ok to ask for help and admit you need to change!!



Here’s the special Link to fit Pro Automator: http://www.fitproautomator.com/georgette/

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