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Why Every Trainer Should Have A Repertoire Of Bodyweight Exercises

          Why Every Trainer Should Have A Repertoire Of Bodyweight Exercises


Want to be the personal trainer that’s always in high demand? Want to form lasting relationships with clients that go on for years – even after they have achieved the original goals they’ve set for themselves?

If you want to take your personal training business up to the next level, one of the most important things that you must be doing is setting yourself apart from the pack.

If you train your clients just like everyone else does, you’re going to be grouped in as ‘just another trainer’. Someone who’s relatively disposable. Your workouts are just like the next guy’s so if you aren’t available when your client wants to train, they’ll move right on to the next trainer.

One of the best ways to set yourself apart and help your clients see better results than they ever dreamed possible is by using bodyweight exercises

While you may initially pass this off as being beginner’s play, you need to rethink what you have come to believe about bodyweight exercises. When you use the right mix, they can be just as challenging, if not more challenging, then regular free weight exercises.

Here’s why it’s vital that every good trainer has a full repertoire of bodyweight exercises to turn to.

1. They Give Your Business Unlimited Options

First, the simple fact that you require no equipment at all to do bodyweight exercises really helps to set you apart. You can virtually take your training business anywhere if you are basing it around body weight exercises.

For instance, if you live in a warmer area and have a full client list built up, try outdoor workouts. You’ll have no overhead fees, thus this is a great way to boost your income.

Alternatively, it’s much easier to take on semi-private sessions doing bodyweight exercises as opposed to weight lifting exercises as each person can easily be performing their exercise side by side in an open studio room.

This allows you to charge more per session while they pay less. It’s a win-win.

2. They Prevent Standstill Workout Sessions

Another nice thing about bodyweight exercises is they prevent a standstill session. If someone happens to be using the machine or weight level you need next for your client, there may be a brief pause as you wait to use them.

Too many of these brief pauses and you’ll have an upset client on your hands. While you can always sub in another movement, if it’s not part of your program plan, this could take away from the progress they see.

Doing bodyweight exercises allows you to seamlessly move from one exercise to the next with your client.

3. They Keep Your Client Engaged

Bodyweight exercises are also perfect for keeping your client engaged. They are going to take more focus and concentration on your clients part to perform and as such, they will feel more invested in their workout sessions.

The more invested they are in the workout sessions, the more invested they will be in working with you.

For many people, how much effort they feel they are putting into their workout plan is a better determining factor as to whether or not they stick with it.

You want your clients to be giving 100% each and every session and there is more chance they will do so if they are fully engaged in what you’re doing.

It’s far too easy for them to just zone out when doing machine based weight lifting and not really be giving it their all.

This not only gets them more committed to coming back for more, but also will increase the results they see as well, which clearly looks favorably upon you as a trainer.

4. They’re More Interesting To Perform

Finally, doing bodyweight exercises are also typically that much more interesting to perform. There are so many unique bodyweight based exercises that you can be doing – more than most trainers ever realize.

While with free weight training, you do have some variety, you are still generally stuck with relatively similar basic movements: squats, lunges, bench press, rows, shoulder press, and so on.

With bodyweight exercises, the sky is the limit.

Not only can you really focus on challenging your clients from a strength point of view with these movements, but they will also get a fantastic cardiovascular workout as well depending on how you sequence them.

The more interesting their sessions are, as I noted above, the more likely they are to keep returning back to you as well. The fastest way to lose a client is to have them do boring workouts time after time, so you really need to find little ways to make them interesting.

Bodyweight exercises make it easy.

So there you have some of the key reasons why body weight training should become a priority in your personal training business.  If you aren’t well-equipped with knowledge of various exercises out there, it’s time to really give it some serious research.

Learn how to advance various bodyweight exercises so that you can keep using them as your clients progress.

Try creating a few solid workout routines that consist of just bodyweight exercises and you will quickly see just how well liked these are by the clients that you work with.

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