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Why having no music may be killing your bootcamp

Why having no music may be killing your bootcamp


Bootcamps are springing up all over the country, so what can set one bootcamp apart from the other – well music can.


If you are the bootcamp operating without music then you are likely to be the one that loses out, because the bootcamp that does use music to motivate its clients, knows the value of peoples need to groove and move.


Working out may come easy to you, but your clients are not you. They are here for a reason, to dump the fat. They may not be used to working out, they are going to find it hard, they are going to ache and have to dig deep to find motivation to attend the sessions.


So how is the bootcamp down the road offering sessions with music beating the hell out of your bootcamp.


1. High tempo upbeat music will make your client work harder. Music floods the senses, automatically the body feels the beat, and the heart beat becomes elevated in tune to the music as does the breathing. How does this help? Well it increases the participant’s efficiency. A recent study suggested that individuals whom work out to the beat of the music use 7 per cent less oxygen than those doing the same workout without music.


Music 1 vs No Music 0


2. Music acts as a distraction. The bootcamp sessions that have no music will mean that those participants are fully focussed on how hard the workouts are and how tired they are feeling. Working out in silence whilst someone is barking at you “to give it just one more” can end up in an unmotivated and miserable individual. Music helps the mind concentrate on the music, it distracts from the thought of how hard the workout is and focuses on the rhythm and beat of the music. It is never the body that gives up it is the mind, so the more tools you can give to your participants to prevent the mind from giving up on the interval the better.


Music 2 vs No Music 0


3. No music = boring. There is a reason people flock to concerts, they love music. Unless you are relaxing, not many people like silence. People get ready to music; they have music on in the background when cooking. When people have dinner parties, there is music on in the background. Music evokes emotions. Without it your bootcamp is boring and emotionless


Music 3 vs No Music 0


4. Automated music frees up your time. The bootcamp using automated music has an instructor who doesn’t have to keep checking their stopwatch; they focus consistently on their clients, no faffing with timing or countdown as it’s all done for them. The participant will feel they are attending a smooth and professional bootcamp.


Music 4 vs No Music 0


5. When someone is having an enjoyable time and they listen to music that emotion sticks in their brain. A feeling of euphoria and endorphins flood the body on entering the place where they have heard the music. So when participants arrive at the bootcamp using automated music, they are pumped up and ready to go, whereas the one with no music will still be feeling tired and lethargic.


Music 5 vs No Music 0


No contest then!


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