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Why Ladder Finishers Work So Well

Why Ladder Finishers Work So Well

Mike Whitfield, CTT




Out of all the finishers I’ve used with my campers and clients,
for some reason, they love the ladder finishers so much.


What happened was that it started as an experiment wity my
campers, and then it became an obsession.


Fortunately, my campers are great guinea pigs.


A ladder, as you know, is when you start with a certain number of
reps for a superset or circuit and work your way up or down. For example,
you start with 10 reps of each exercise, then 9 reps of each, etc., etc.


The rest periods can be really fun – allow your clients and
campers to rest when needed then continue. They can simply
pick up where you are at that point (instead of making them start
all over).


And here are 31 BRAND NEW Ladder Finishers for you 


These finishers use a lot of density, which will help your clients
not only lose fat faster, but they will have a blast doing them.


Plus, it means improved conditioning, FASTER fat loss and the best

part – it’s MUCH better than cardio in just a fraction of the time.

But forget all that for a second – here’s the best part – research 

is showing you’ll KEEP OFF the unwanted fat.


Check out this recent study:

(Reference: Carels, R.A., et al. A Randomized Trial Comparing

Two Approaches to Weight Loss: Differences in Weight Loss

Maintenance. J Health Psychol. 2013 Jan 24.) 


Researchers from BGSU delivered two different 12-week weight

loss programs to 59 overweight adults. One program, “New Perspectives”,

focused on helping them fix their unhealthy relationships with food,

while the other program, “Transforming Your Life”, emphasized

environmental modification, good habit formation and breaking

old habits.


Both groups lost weight and changed their lives.


HOWEVER, the subjects in the habit-changing “Transforming Your

Life” group were more effective at maintaining their weight loss during

the next 6 months after the study (when they were on their own

without researchers).


Now if your campers and clients knew they didn’t have to do
any long, boring cardio, they would stick with it longer, right?

That’s a win/win for both you (loyal customer) and them
(staying consistent).


That’s why these Ladder Finishers work so well and why my

readers and clients love them. They are MUCH shorter than

long, boring cardio and they are a lot more fun.


You can get 31 BRAND NEW Ladder Finishers 


The # 1 secret behind Ladder Finishers on why they work so

well and help your campers and clients burn more fat is because
of the short rest periods (which are dictated by THEM), and the
ridiculous VOLUME you exert in such a short period.


They are tough, but they are FUN!


So kick cardio to the curb, and instead, do addicting Ladder

Finishers like this one:


The Metabolic Ladder Monster


In the first circuit, you’ll do 8 reps of each exercise. In the next 

circuit, you’ll do 7 reps. Continue until you complete 1 rep of 

each exercise


Prisoner Lunge Jump (8/side…1/side)

Triple Stop Pushup (8…1)

Inverted Row or Strap Row (8…1)

Spiderman Climb (8/side…1/side)


Get all 31 Ladder Finishers here


Boom goes the Ladder Finisher Dynamite,

Mikey, CTT







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