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Your 2014 Boot Camp Marketing Calendar

Schedule Your Success – Create Your 2014 Boot Camp Marketing Calendar NOW!


Are you already planning for your profits in 2014, or are you still trying to figure out creative ways to bring in revenue this year?


The old saying is just so true, which is probably why it has stuck around so long – “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”


The issue of lack of planning is prevalent in so many small (and even big) business, but for some reason it seems really bad among boot camp owners…


Each month I get emails and forum posts from great trainers  and boot camp owners looking for the next big marketing “thing.” 


  • “How can I get more leads?”
  • “What’s a good marketing ‘angle’ for this month?”
  • “Do you have any tips to capitalize on ______?”


These are all GREAT questions.  HOWEVER, they should have been asked and answered MONTHS before…


That’s where your Boot Camp Marketing Calendar comes into play.  Having a solid, well thought out boot camp marketing calendar will set you on course for success for the next 12 months rather than you always chasing your tail looking for the next way to bring in leads or generate more revenue.  Plus, as you track your progress with each promotion you can make corrections for the next year.  In time, your boot camp marketing calendar will become relatively repetitive each year.  Keep what works; throw out what doesn’t.  🙂


What exactly should be in your boot camp marketing calendar?


Overall, you want to plan out your:

  •   Lead Generation Strategies – at least 2 internal, and 2 external
  •   Front-end Offers – rotate these for best results
  •   Core Offerings – will you be introducing any new ones?
  •   Back-end Offers – Fill in the gaps, and give your clients more of what they want/need


Your boot camp marketing calendar will organize all of this – everything from your newsletters & blog posts to your direct mail & paid advertisements…and everything in between.


The Most Effective Tip for Boot Camp Marketing & Your Boot Camp Marketing Calendar


“Enter the conversation already taking place in your prospect’s mind.”  – Robert Collier


Robert Collier is considered by many to be the greatest copywriter of all time.  This is one of the most basic, yet most profitable marketing strategies there is.


We all have common wants, desires and problems – yes problems.  Remember, great products and services solve problems.  What problems does your boot camp solve for your prospects?  If your marketing can address those problems (enter the conversation going on in your prospect’s mind) then you’ve just landed yourself another boot camp member!


So, when planning your boot camp marketing calendar, think about the conversation going on in your prospect’s minds during the different times of the year:


  • Holidays
  • Seasons
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Special Events


All of these things stir up conversation, and typically, a problem.  Think about it.  The holidays are just around the corner.  What will your prospects be talking about?


Solve that problem.  Create a marketing campaign.  Spread the word.  It’s that simple.


Now, the key to making this work is to be PREPARED.  You don’t want to start talking about the holidays the week before.  You want to “drip market” on your prospects for weeks, even months, in advance.  Just walk into Target the day after Halloween.  You’ll find Christmas stuff ready for sale.  Heck, you might even see some stuff for sale now!


OK.  Let’s get your 2014 Boot Camp Marketing Calendar in place then, shall we?  Here’s how I recommend you go about it.


  1. Get a BIG 2014 dry-erase wall calendar
  2. For each month, choose the theme(s) you want to address (holiday, your birthday, season, your businesses anniversary, etc.) and mark those on the calendar
  3. Pick the date(s) about 10 – 12 weeks in advance where you’ll build out the marketing campaign (newsletters, blogs, sales pages, autoresponders, ads, etc.) for that promotion


It’s really as easy as 1-2-3 so get to it!



Justin Yule, BS, CPT, MTE, FMS

Owner, Fitness Revolution – Chanhassen, MN

Director of Fit Business Inner Circle   


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2 comments on “Your 2014 Boot Camp Marketing Calendar

Great advice, Georgette! And a very simple yet effective strategy laid out. I hope people reading this take action.


Thank you Jim ! Yes one must take action:)!


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