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Your Bootcamp Nutrition Needs

Your Bootcamp Nutrition Needs Can Now be Met……

Introducing the “3 Phase dietDECK” that can be used in your classes and also a profit resource for you.

This is an educational tool to help your boot camp members stick to a nutrition plan that they choose to do. The 3 Phases are for Fat burning, Energy Building, and Endurance building.

These are being sold in boot camp classes for $29.95 as on up-sell to the class and now we are bringing them to you at $7 so you can make the difference in profit!

Check out the web page to see what they look like and how they work and to also place your order…. Special link at http://tinyurl.com/484apu

We will also have a recording on how this product works and how it can work for you.I will upload it to my Inner Circle Blog and paid member area audio downloads.

They will be coming out the first week in October.


I have a DEAL for you…

Tracey is giving us a [b]special PRE-ORDER [/b]sale for trainers to get these out to your clients and to make some money as well.

For only $7 a deck you can pre order a lot of 50 ($1150 profit for you)

ORDER NOW: 50 x $7 per deck Go here and use this special link: DietDeck
at http://tinyurl.com/484apu


FREE shipping in US and $50 flat rate for international (this will be paid prior to shipping)
If you take advantage of this special email me at nutrifit@georgettepann.com and I’ll throw in a bonus surprise.

Georgette and Tracey

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