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20 Minute Total Body Muscle Workout – Dumbbell Circuit

20 Minute Total Body Muscle Workout – Dumbbell Circuit

 by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros



Funk is back and today he is taking you through a 20-minute total body muscle building workout using combination exercises combined with the metabolic protocol to help build muscle and burn fat 


In today’s workout Funk is brining you an advanced circuit using combination dumbbell exercises which are one of the best way to implement compound and multi-joint movements into one exercise.

This allows you to target more muscle groups at once so you can maximize muscle stimulation and growth in a short period of time.



20 Minute Combo Warrior Workout – Dumbbells

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds before moving onto the next exercise

1. Bent over Side Lateral Raise to Front Raise to High Pull
2. Single Leg Deadlift to Stiff Legged Ham to Reverse Lunge
3. Flutter Kick Chest Press to Skull Crushers
4. Standing Single DB Curl to Around the Work to Squatted Curls
5. Alternating Bear Position Pull Throughs to Renegade Rows






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