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2021 Turkey Burner Metabolic Circuits!

2021 Turkey Burner Metabolic Circuits!

By Sarah Rippel

Author of:

“Home Program Design Mastery”

“The Ultimate Group Training System”

“Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn”


It’s that time of year again, folks! That time where we are thinking about the holidays, family, traveling, feasting, being thankful, & all that.


Lots of people ain’t thinking about their workouts around this time of year, but you ain’t in that category!


These Turkey Burner circuits are for you!


CIRCUIT 1: Ascending/Descending Ladders


10-8-6-4-2 Reps of:

Kettlebell Benign Burpee Power Swing (https://youtu.be/0kXSp2OVfjE)

Strict Toes to Rings (https://youtu.be/epsGKHbLOxI)
or Reverse Crunches (https://youtu.be/JUPN-06Kn-Y)


Rest 2:00, then…



KB Double Russian Swing (https://youtu.be/8llrEQEsDJk)
or KB Overhead Swing (https://youtu.be/gGy4EGyGO2w)

Rower (https://youtu.be/uBJTdO1Q5gM)
or Stability Ball Pike-Ups (https://youtu.be/KDYdT5Tn1eo)


How-To: Perform 10 reps of the KB burpee power swing, then 10 toes to bar or reverse crunches, then 8 of each, then 6 of each, & so on, working at your own pace & taking small breaks as necessary. After all the reps are done, rest for 2 minutes, then move on to the next pairing of KB swings & pike-ups, where the reps are performed in a similar manner but increase with each set!

CIRCUIT 2: Meta-Abs Ladders



SkiErg (https://youtu.be/928MnX2ZryU)
or Row Calories (https://youtu.be/6VybnEswmnw)

Dumbbell 1-Arm Push Press (L) (https://youtu.be/1TozDxi-EEM)

AbMat Sit-Up (https://youtu.be/-TvjFy0gM20)

Dumbbell 1-Arm Push Press (R)


Rest 2:00, then…



Bike Calories (https://youtu.be/3RpL_jiAhXw)

Dumbbell 1-Arm Floor Press (L) (https://youtu.be/tadmUY96hrA)

Russian Twist (https://youtu.be/MGcEw-ARzkY)

Dumbbell 1-Arm Floor Press (R)


How-To: Perform 25 ski or row calories, followed by 25 1-arm push presses on the left, 25 abmat sit-ups, then 25 1-arm push presses on the right. Work at your own pace and keep moving sustainably, meaning you aren’t going so hard that you’re gasping for air and needing to rest a bunch! Go through the exercises again for 20 reps each, then 15 reps, then rest for 2 minutes. Move on to the next group of exercises and perform in the same manner, where the reps increase with each round.


CIRCUIT 3: AMRAP Pair Sandwiches


Row x 20 calories, then…

AMRAP x 5 Minutes:

Dumbbell Burpee or WoManmaker (https://youtu.be/tsIM0jSlsaI) x 1-2-3-4-5… reps (add a rep each set)

supersetted with Alternating Top-Down Hanging Knee Raises (https://youtu.be/T8xPhFLh6QU) or Hollow Body Crunched Reaches (https://youtu.be/x4U01zv50t0) x 5/side


When done, row 20 calories again!


Rest 3:00, then…


Bike x 20 calories, then…

AMRAP x 5 Minutes:

KB 1-Arm Reverse Step Dead Clean (
https://youtu.be/r87TqjeccsQ) x 1-2-3-4-5… reps per side

supersetted with V-Ups (https://youtu.be/DGli1NIM42k) or Tuck-Ups (https://youtu.be/KtTBdPOF30Y) x 7


When done, bike 20 calories again!


How-To: Knock out a 20-calorie row, then have a timer counting down 5 minutes. Perform a dumbbell burpee followed by diagonal hanging knee raises x 5/side, then 2 dumbbell burpees and another 5/side hanging knee raises, then 3 dumbbell burpees, etc, adding a rep per set on the dumbbell burpees. Continue going until the timer beeps! Then, row another 20 calories. After this, rest for 3 minutes, then hit another 5-minute AMRAP of floor cleans, adding a rep per set, paired with 7 v-ups or tuck-ups! When done, bike 20 more calories and voila! Done!




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