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3 Strategies To Guarantee Transformation Results

3 Strategies To Guarantee Transformation Results

By Ryan Ketchum


I have had the pleasure of working with a lot of different people, from all walks of life, to help them get into incredible shape.  From those wanting to get fitness model lean to the average, overworked mom that is juggling all the stressors that come with that job.


Each person has their own unique struggles and challenges when trying to reach their desired level of leanness and fitness.  Each person has a unique code to crack so that they can overcome the physical and mental obstacles that are holding them back. 


BUT, there are 3 things that you can do to literally guarantee each persons success.


These 3 strategies will help get every client that you have started on their journey to leanness and keep things simple for you as their trainer and coach.   Once you have worked with the client to master these 5 strategies you can work on overcoming the remaining unique obstacles that stand in their way. 


The first strategy that you MUST implement with every single client that you work with is defining his or her path.


What exactly do I mean when I say ‘defining their path’? 


This means figuring out where they are now, what they have done in the past and where they want to go.  When you have this information you can start to map out their path to success.


Let’s use a car analogy for a second.


When you buy a car it would be wise to determine where you start looking first right?


You need to know the model, year, new and used, colors and all the bells and whistles that you want in your perfect car.  Figuring this out is like finding out where a client wants to go, their end goal. 


Now, if you are working on a tight budget you may not be able to get everything on your wish list.  This happens a lot when working with a client.  Either they don’t want to make the changes needed to get the body they say they want or they might be trying to make too big of a change in the timeframe they are giving you.


Either way you need to work with the client to figure out if they can afford the Ferrari they want or if you need to work to set more realistic expectations.
You following me?


Work with your client to set their end target and make sure the target or goal is realistic and that they client is willing to do what it takes to get it. 


Once you have established the goal and are clear about the expectations of the client it is good to determine what the client has tried in the past and where they stand currently.


Back to car analogies if I am buying that dream car I want to know if there were previous owners, how they treated the car, if they had an accidents, etc.


Sometimes you are starting out with someone that hasn’t tried anything before and they are a complete newbie to working out and dieting.


Those clients are becoming more and more rare with the info overload that is available to people at this point.  Most clients will have tried and failed at multiple diets and workout programs before coming to you.
Do you homework and find out what they have done and why they succeeded with it or failed.  This valuable information will help you determine their path for success. 


You also want to know where they are at right now. 


This is something a lot of trainers forget to ask. 


If you don’t know where they are at now you will be guessing when it comes to making a recommendation for their success plan.  You might give them too much food or too little exercise.  You may also give them too little food or too much exercise. 
Trainers tend to throw people into their basic program and hope it works.  But, because you are a better trainer than most I know you will want to make sure to get your clients started on the perfect plan. 


You might have someone that is eating 4000 calories and not working out at all.  On the other hand you may get a chronic dieter that workouts out 6 days a week or more and is eating 1200 calories and is stalled in their fat loss. 


The plan you give each of them should be very different. 


Once you have the info about their end goal, their previous history and their current situation you can determine a clear success plan with strategic changes that lead to consistent progress. 



The second strategy for guaranteed success is utilizing a progressive nutrition program with your clients. 
The goal should be to make the smallest changes possible to deliver the best possible results. 
Throwing your entire toolbox of tricks and strategies at a client all at once increases their chances of failure due to the overwhelming number of changes that seem impossible to make.
It also makes your job a lot tougher when your client plateaus and you have nowhere else to take them because you used all of your tricks up front.   You can only drop calories so low before you need to implement more advanced strategies for fat loss.  If you use those advanced strategies right off the bat they will lose their effectiveness when you really need them.




Only make the changes absolutely necessary to get the desired results!


I like to start with a moderate carbohydrate program for ‘tier 1’ clients and progress to a lower carbohydrate program for ‘tier 2’ clients.  Once a client has mastered the habits I recommend and has implementing a ‘tier 2’ strategy with success we can determine if there is a need for more aggressive techniques.


These include:

  • Carb Cycling
  • Calorie Cycling
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Macronutrient timing


Those aren’t necessarily listed in the order in which they should be implemented.  That is dictated by the individual client needs. 


The greatest part about starting with a tiered and progressive approach to nutrition is your ability to utilize this with large groups of clients while still maintaining and individual feel to the plan. 


You can begin clients at the correct starting point and make small adjustments to improve their results without pulling out all the stops. 


Keep in mind that when running a transformation contest or challenge you may need to be slightly more aggressive with your recommendations that when working with clients on a regular basis.  The shorter the duration of the contest or challenge the more aggressive you may need to be to get the desired results. 
While this may not be the best plan for long term success you can still use the tiered nutrition program to deliver big results with a much smaller risk of rebounding due to the nature of this very simple system.


Here are some samples of a tiered recommendation:
Tier 1 Nutrition Tier 2 Nutrition





To make small adjustments you can work from the upper end of the recommendations to the lower end and then progress to the next tier as needed. 


The final step to guarantee your results with a transformation contest is to make sure your training programs are promoting fat loss.


For most beginners any training program will be better than what they are currently doing (nothing), but we discussed earlier that most people that will be coming to you aren’t coming right off their couch to working with you. They have probably tried some form of workout and diet and not had the success they want. 


It is also common for trainers to get a high percentage of their client clients to take part in a challenge or contest.  When that happens you need to step up your game so that you can create the training adaptation required to get big results….




When we talk about training for fat loss we are trying to create a greater metabolic demand.  You need to force the body to change through nutrition and training.  The greater the metabolic demand the better the results.
The nutrition changes you make set up a solid foundation for fat loss.  You will work to establish a program that includes high quality food to fuel the body while monitoring the quantity of food consumed to ensure body composition changes. 


The right training program is the icing on the cake that will help the client get the body they want. It will help them maintain, or in some cases add, lean muscle mass which will give them the ‘toned’ look they are aiming for while also forcing the body to utilize it’s fat stores as energy and burning the fat that is covering those muscles. 


It’s the perfect storm of fat loss!


The easiest way to create a metabolic demand or increase the metabolic demand of a client’s training program is to change the stimulus.   This can be done by adding frequency, changing duration, increasing intensity or varying the type of workout. 

That isn’t always an option though so we need to look at other ways to progressively increase the metabolic demand of a client’s program to deliver great results.


First you need to look at intensity of the program.  Can you add intensity through adjusting the density of the program?

Density can be adjusted through shorter rest periods or varying the volume of the program.   The goal is to get more work done in the same time frame or the same amount of work done in a shorter time frame. 



Once you have looked at intensity you can review the frequency of the program.  During a shorter term program like a transformation contest a client may be willing and able to add a day or two of training to their schedule which will improve their ability to make the progress they want. 


Getting a client to go from 2 days per week to 4 days per week for a short time will deliver big results.  However, taking a client from 4 to 6 days per week usually doesn’t provide the same impact.  Assessing where the client is starting from allows you to determine the change that you need to make in their program.


Often times I like to mix an increase in frequency with varying the type of program by adding complimentary training programs to their schedule.   If they are in a metabolic or interval training group program currently I would add a strength-training program to their schedule.  If they are in strength focused program like personal training I would add in metabolic type workouts to their schedule.


You can also look at adding in conditioning only days with sprinting, bike sprints, sled pushing or interval training days that are shorter in duration but provide a big impact on fat loss. 


The final change I would add before implementing steady state cardio to someone’s program would be increasing their NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.  Essentially all the stuff they do on a daily basis.


Get them to start taking the stairs, parking further away, adding a light 20 minute walk to their morning or evening routine or standing up every hour to take a walk around the office. 


These activities aren’t stressors and will aide in recovery while promoting fat loss.


For a majority of your clients 3 days of training with you and a walk every day (10-30 minutes at an easy pace) will get them the results they want.

Your more advanced clients may need 3-4 days of training with, an additional day of interval training or sprinting (think HIIT) and walking daily. 


If nutrition and training are dialed in it is rare to see a client that needs more training than this, and usually that is only required for a short period of time in the final phases of their program.


These three strategies will guarantee your success with all of your clients:

  • Define their path
  • Implement a progressive nutrition plan
  • Create a greater metabolic demand


Each client will be slightly different in the changes you make, the timeframe in which you make them and how aggressive you need to be to get the results you (and the client) wants, but these principles remain the same.
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