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30 Minute No Repeat Dumbbell Workout | Push-Pull-Legs | Total Body

30 Minute No Repeat Dumbbell Workout | Push-Pull-Legs | Total Body

by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros 


Funk takes you through a 30 minute no repeat dumbbell workout targeting the entire body and focusing on push, pull and leg exercises and movement. This metabolic workout will help  build muscle and burn fat using in just 30 minutes.


30 Minute Dumbbell Full Body Punisher Workout – No Repeat – Pull-Push-Legs
Perform Each Exercise is 45 second of work and 15 seconds rest one after the other with no rest = 30 Minutes



1. DB One Arm Row Right

2. DB One Arm Row Left

3. Biceps Alternating Curls

4. Explosive Upright Rows

5. Lying DB Pull Overs

6. Single DB Crush Curl

7. Bent Over Side Lateral Raise

8. DB Cleans

9. Alternating Reverse Grip Rows

10. Single Lateral Side Raises


1. Single DB Floor Press Right

2. Single DB Floor press Left

3. Single Arm DB Shoulder Press (heavy)

4. Single Arm DB Shoulder Press (heavy)

5. DB Skull Crushers

6. DB 1 ½ Chest Press

7. Single DB Shoulder Press

8. Overhead Triceps Extensions

9. DB Chest Flyes

10. Peekaboo Shoulder Press


1. Static Lunge Right

2. Static Lunge Left

3. Racked Squats

4. Curtsey Lunge to Side Lunge Right

5. Curtsey Lunge to Side Lunge Left

6. Single Legged RDL Left

7. Single Leg RDL Right

8. Close Goblet Squats

9. DB Swings

10. DB Calf Raises





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