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5 Ways to add more FUN to your Fitness Classes

5 Ways to add more FUN to your Fitness Classes



If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being in the fitness industry for over 30 years, it’s this.


The more enjoyable your classes are, the longer your clients will stick with you and the more clients you’ll attract into your business.


So, without further ado, here are five ways you can add more fun to your fitness classes.


#1: Song Workouts

The best thing about Song Workouts is just how fast, effective and EASY they are to integrate into your workouts. Song Workouts are short but intense drills that are completed to popular songs where words and phrases repeat. They’re so much fun.


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#2: Team Games

 There’s nothing like starting your class with a fun team game to get the energy flowing. Here’s a fun warm-up game that I have used with great success.

Waking race: Ask players to find a partner of a similar ability level, then set them off walking around a circuit. The partner that is in front after 5 minutes wins. If a partner was lapped, they complete 20 push-ups. Walking fast for 5 minutes is much harder than you think and a fantastic part of a warm-up.


#3: Team Challenge

 When I completed my teacher training, I learned the importance of inclusivity in a team environment. We all what to feel included, and when we do, it brings us closer together. And that’s why I recommend using a fun team drill in your group fitness program at least once a week.


#4: Paper Rocks Scissors

Activities that take us back to our childhood remind us that we’re never too old to have fun. And that’s why I love creating drills around rocks, paper, scissors. Like would you rather. for example. Ask players to find a partner, then show the group two exercises. One easy exercise, and one (let’s say undesirable) exercise.


Round 1: Partners play rocks, paper, scissors. The winner completes the easy exercise for one minute, and the loser completes the (undesirable) exercise for one minute. Complete ten rounds. After each round, change the exercises. It’s quite funny watching people’s reactions when they lose.


#5: Themed Workouts


Make a list of all the important days of the year for your country (Google it). As they come up, create a workout around them. Themed workouts are a great way to celebrate your country as a team.


So, there you go, five ways you can add more fun to your classes.


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