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Anchor Point Training- Suspension and Band Workout Videos

Anchor Point Training- Suspension and Band Workout Videos


Anchor Point Training (APT) is about better understanding, tools and methods.


APT equipment provides two distinct types of resistance; anchored body weight with suspension and anchored elastic resistance.  You can also see demo video of each below the workouts.


Here is a nice superset with suspension, part of scalable progressions in the workouts videos we offer in our education package.


1/Single long handle row, 6 point lunge

2/Alternate high knees, Press

3/Squat, Alternate high knee row

4/Isometric press, Alternate high knee


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Here’s a sample of a live workout with the UNBREAKABLE resistance bands workout. This is a group of first timers at a Bootcamp workshop. Part of a library of 160 bootcamp videos on our website. 


1/Bilateral Pushing -“Pushing the car out of the snow”

2/Bilateral row, Alternate back lunge

3/Bilateral press, Alternate front lunge

4/Ipsilateral row, Open back lunge

5/Waist strap, Straight shuffle out, Zig zag back

6/Waist strap, Side shuffle out, Hard landings, Both sides

7/Waist Strap, Back shuffle out, Low walk back

8/Asymmetric shoulder strap, Ipsilateral lunge, Both sides

9/Bilateral oscillation, Side to side hops

10/Stir the Pot, Both Sides

11/Overhead oblique crunch



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The APT resistance band is UNBREAKABLE!

This 15 second demo is the UNBREAKABLE band. This new elastic tech has a very gradual change in resistance and is guaranteed to never snap. This design offers loads of effective and fun training.


The APT Suspension Strap has strap stability that allows smooth weight transfer for unilateral/functional versatility using leveraged body weight and ease of use for single handle work.


The APT connection design features a double wide handle on a long loop of soft webbing, offering versatile ways to connect with resistance as you’ll see in this suspension video as well.




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