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Best way to Dominate

Best way to Dominate

GUEST POST BY Matt Wiencek

If you don’t do this, you are going to be missing out on the most effective marketing tool in the fitness industry.  With this tool, you will be able to keep clients longer, increase your value to prospects and clients, and add limitless growth potential to your Personal Training Business. 

The three things that you need to focus on the most in order to increase the marketing of your fitness business is a customized fitness business specific website, email newsletter marketing and social media marketing.  These three tools alone should enable you to increase your PT profits by 50% in approximately 6 months if you do it correctly. 

The people you need to market to are your current clients because they give referrals and they forward your newsletters on to many of their interested friends which is the equivalent to an awesome referral from a very satisfied client.  Think of the “Forward” option in an email account as your best friend.  The more people like what you have to say, the more that they will forward your materials to their friends who may be interested in your services. 

You will want to market to all prospects that you currently have or have had in the past.  Just because they haven’t hired you yet doesn’t mean that they are not going to hire you.  Sometimes people just need a little reminder and a nudge to get in the door.  You need to market to all business associates, former clients and anyone else that you know or have had contact with.

Ideally you want to send out your email newsletter once every two weeks for optimum success.  This gives your audience continual communication without you being overbearing.  Many people don’t know this but a successful email newsletter marketing campaign should consist of these four components:

  1. Build rapport with your audience – the number one reason why anyone will buy anything from you is because they like you.
  2. Identify a common problem that many of your readers may have such as high body fat.
  3. Identify an easy solution to that common problem such as “Follow these 5 Fat Burning Tips”.
  4. Some type of call to action such as “Call me today for your free fitness consultation and nutritional analysis.  Call me by this Friday and get 2 free Personal Training Sessions too!”

I can not think of any form of marketing that will enable you to get your audience to know you, like you, and trust you faster than email newsletter marketing. 

You may want to include client testimonials in your newsletters and before and after pictures of your success stories with clients.  Your audience will LOVE the material that you provide! 

The two biggest obstacles that I have seen from personal trainers and email newsletter marketing are coming up with enough content to send out newsletters every other week and the other obstacle is consistency.  Staying consistent with your email newsletter marketing is paramount to your success.  Without consistency and quality content your email newsletter marketing campaign will not work.  For more information on email newsletter marketing please download the FREE eBook available at www.fitnessmarketingsolutions.com.  This eBook will help teach you how to dominate email newsletter marketing as well as social media marketing.  Have an awesome day! 

Matt Wiencek

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