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Bootcamp Workout: The “54321”

Bootcamp Workout: The “54321”

By Jono Petrohilos from Fitness Education Online



Now, there’s a little going on this workout – so I’ll explain the overview and then we’ll break it down exercise by exercise.


You can always substitute the exercises for your own.. My recommendation for exercise selection in a Bootcamp is always “multiple planes, multiple chains and multiple positions” – follow this formula and your workout will always be balanced! 



So looking at the photo above the premise of the workout is pretty simple… 


You do a 5min drill, have a few mins break and do a 4min drill… Have a few mins break and then do a 3min drill… Have a few mins break and then do a 2min drill… Have a few mins break and then do a 1min drill… 


Each drill is a different ‘exercise format’ (e.g. Intervals, Tabata, AMRAP, Holds, HIIT).


And each exercise format has different exercises in it! 


This makes it really fun for all participants because each “room” contains different exercises, has different timing and is totally different to the previous ‘room’. 


This ends up being about a 20-ish min workout (15mins of work with a few breaks in-between) and there’s also a cool little finisher that I’ll cover towards the end. 


If you’re more a ‘video’ type person -I’ve also got a YouTube video of me explaining and demonstrating the workout which you can find below 




The FIVE (Intervals)


Timing = 30seconds on, 0 second break

5 exercises each performed twice 


Exercise 1: Side Shuffles (30sec)

Exercise 2: In + Out Squat Jumps (30sec)

Exercise 3: Mountain Climbers (30sec)

Exercise 4: Jumping Jacks (30sec)

Exercise 5: Burpees (30sec)



The FOUR (Tabata)


Timing: 20:10 x 8 (Tabata)

Exercise Push Ups 


Push Ups x 20sec

10sec break 

Repeat for a total of 8 rounds




3min AMRAP

20 Squat Jumps

20 Curtsey Lunges

20 Hip Thrusts


Repeat these three exercises as many times as possible in 3 minutes 


The TWO (Holds) 

Timing: 60:0 x 2


Exercise 1: Plank Hold (60sec)

Exercise 2: Squat Hold (60sec)



Timing 60sec 


Exercise: Burpee + Tuck Jump and Turn




Now done properly, the workout above should take about 20-ish minutes… You probably did a 5-10min warm up… So you’re about 30mins into your Bootcamp. If you’re running a 30min session – perfect! If you’re running a 45 or 60minute, you’re probably going to want to give your participants a little more work before cooling down. So what I do in that situation is…


Trainer: “Alright, awesome work guys! You all did really well… I’ve just realized I messed my time up a little bit… I thought this workout takes 40minutes… it actually only took 20… But that’s ok.. Just means we’ll go through it again”.


Participants: all glare angrily at you


Trainer: “ok… ok… let’s make a deal… we’ll just do HALF of everything… so instead of 5mins we’ll do 2.5… instead of 4mins we’ll do 2.. Instead of 3mins we’ll do 1.5… and we’ll keep the 2 and 1 the same… because they are short enough anyway… is that fair” 


Participants: I guess so… 


And then go through the workout again but with “halves”… It goes through much quicker the second time around because everyone already knows the exercises… This will take about 15mins :). 



Jono Petrohilos

Co Founder and Director at Fitness Education Online


US Website: https://www.fitnesseducationonline.com 




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