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Build ‘N Burn Remix Workouts:V2.0

Build ‘N Burn Remix Workouts: V2.0

By Sarah Rippel

Author of:

“Home Program Design Mastery”

“The Ultimate Group Training System”

“Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn”


I love taking old workouts and making them new, and feel this is something all of us should do! Didn’t mean to rhyme, but felt it was about time…okay, really though. 🙂

I will be sharing some remixed BNB workouts with y’all in upcoming articles. Let’s kick off this series by giving the Burn B workout from Phase 2 with a little spin!


Video NOTE:
5 rounds = 10 minutes NOT 5 minutes

The original workout uses battle ropes & includes options for regressing and progressing the exercises. The framework consists of: continuous 15 second intervals for a total of 90 seconds (six exercises), followed by 60 seconds of rest and repeated for a total of eight rounds. This results in a 20-minute workout.


Original Format:

8 Rounds:

15s Work “harder”

15s Work “easier”

15s Work “harder”

15s Work “easier”

15s Work “harder”

15s Work “easier”

60s Rest


The 15 second intervals are to be performed in a “harder/easier” manner. In other words, 15 seconds of harder work is alternated with 15 seconds of easier work for a total of 90 seconds. This is followed by 60 seconds of rest. My original intention with employing this “harder/easier” strategy was to enable continuous movement for the work interval without crossing over into the “too hard” zone. 15 seconds of harder work is offset by 15 seconds of easier work, which has the effect of being sustainable over time. In addition, I believe 15 seconds is a very realistic amount of time to focus on one movement before form starts to degrade, especially with the more challenging battle rope variations.


What we do not want during a 20-minute conditioning piece is for anyone to “redline.” In other words, the focus should be on sustainable movement without anyone needing to stop to catch their breath. We want to work, but at the appropriate intensity level. This workout is meant to be aerobic. It is not a sprint! Heart rates should be in the 80-90% range and people should be encouraged to breathe and pace accordingly. We want people to get the most benefit!


Let’s look at how this workout could be remixed to simplify it a bit, and ensure everyone can properly pace. I reduced the number of exercises from six to four. The original workout was essentially an ongoing 20 minutes. I kept the training time the same, while allowing for a different rest protocol. There are two 10-minute blocks with a 3-minute rest sandwiched in between. The 10-minute blocks incorporate the 60-second rest interval from the original workout, but reduce the work interval from 90 seconds to 60 seconds. The 60 second work interval is comprised of four 15 second intervals done in continuous fashion. The overall time for this workout is 23 minutes, which is three minutes longer than the original, but I feel it’s worth it.


Build ‘N Burn P2B Remix:

1) Part 1: 5 Rounds:

*Rope Grappler’s Toss – 15s

*Rope Hold with Reverse Lunge – 15s

*Rope Jacks – 15s

*Rope Hold with Lateral Lunge – 15s

*60s Rest

2) 3 Minutes Rest

3) Part 2: 5 Rounds Again!

*Total time = 23 minutes


As with all Build N Burn workouts, having regressions & progressions on hand is a must if you want to make your group training programming more suitable for everyone! For the sake of simplicity, I am using what I would consider to be “Level 3” options here. There are tons of ways most exercises can be tweaked up or down, but here are a few suggestions for the exercises above:



Exercise Difficulty/Intensity Tweaks:

*You could decrease the difficulty of the Grappler’s Toss by performing it using one strand, or you could make it more challenging by holding both strands in one hand.


*The Rope Hold with Reverse Lunge could be made less challenging by performing a split squat. It could be made more challenging by performing a jumping split squat (although I do not recommend this for the outlined workout due to the “harder/easier” format).


*Rope Jacks could be decreased in intensity by reducing the range of motion or switching to a Step Jack. Intensity can be upped by increasing the range of motion or pace.


*The Rope Hold with Lateral Lunge could be made less challenging by performing a lateral squat. It could be made more challenging by performing a skater jump, but as stated above with the reverse lunges, this contradicts the “harder/easier” format of the workout.


The goal of this workout is not to get as many reps as possible, but it can be helpful to aim for a certain number during each 15 second interval. This helps with pacing and gives people a target to shoot for. The recommended pacing for most people for each of the exercises in this workout is 8-10 reps. Some people may need to go for a slightly less amount, while others may need to increase just a bit. The bottom line is that people understand that the idea isn’t to “go all out,” but to be able to sustain movement for each 60s-work interval.


Just as with your strength-focused sessions, your conditioning workouts should have a purpose and a format that reflects that purpose. I will be bringing more ideas for manipulating intervals and rest periods as I outline more and more workouts in coming weeks. Until then, try out this remix and let me know what you think!





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