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Dumbbell Outdoor Metcons

Dumbbell Outdoor Metcons

By Sarah Rippel

Author of “Home Program Design Mastery,” “The Ultimate Group Training System,” “Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn




All you need for these workouts is a pair (or a couple pair) of dumbbells! If you have access to Ultimate Sandbags, awesome! In addition, kettlebells are an easy substitute for dumbbells.


Video links are provided for reference but may show exercises demonstrated with different equipment. The movements are the same!


60sec Work/30sec Rest x 3-4 Rounds:

  1. Power Clean & 2-Squat Combo 
  2. Inchworm Push-Up
  3. Front-Load Curtsy Lunge
  4. Reverse Step Deadlift + Row


30sec Work/20sec Rest x 3-5:

  1. Skier Swing
  2. Overhead Press in Tall-Kneeling
  3. Lateral Deadlift to 1-Arm Row
  4. Boat Pose Press-Outs


x 3-5 Rounds for Time:

  1. Bear Crawl x 20yds 
  2. Jump Rope OR Jumping/Step Jacks x 30-40sec
  3. Double Rack Carry x 20-40yds
  4. Broad Jump x 6-8
  5. Couch Stretch x 30sec/side



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