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Dumbbell Tri-Set Torture Workout

Dumbbell “Tri-Set” Torture Workout

by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros



Total Body Tri-Set Torture
Total body workout that uses giant Tri-sets. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of work one after the other with a 30 second rest after for 2 straight rounds… before moving to the next TriSets and them repeat. Each triset has 3 exercises that focus on a single body part.
Perform each Triset x 2

1. DB Goblet Close Squats – 30 seconds
2. 1 ½ Rep Squats – 30 seconds
3. Suitcase Squats – 30 seconds
4. 30 second rest

5. DB Lying Chest Press
6. DB Crush Chest Press
7. DB Wide Press
8. 30 Seconds

9. Racked Forward Lunge (R-L)
10. Static Lunges (R-L)
11. Goblet Reverse Lunge (R-L)
12. 30 Seconds

13. Bent Over Rows
14. Alternating Rows
15. Reverse Grip Rows
16. 30 Seconds Rest

17. DB Hammer Curls
18. DB Alternating Curls
19. DB Bent Over Concentration Curls
20. 30 seconds Rest

21. Single DB Triceps Overhead Press
22. Single Triceps Overhead Cross Press
23. Triceps Kickbacks
24. 30 Seconds Rest

25. Single Shoulders Raises
26. Single Rotational Press
27. Clean and Press
28. 30 Seconds Rest

29. ½ rep RDL
30. 1 ½ RDL
31. Full Range RDL
32. 30 Seconds



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