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Equipment Timer AMRAP Circuit

Equipment Timer AMRAP Circuit

By Loren Bakker Fitness Education Online



Now this is an awesome tried and tested workout perfect for small or large groups!


Obviously it’s an AMRAP which is a really common format in bootcamps and group sessions.  But what makes this AMRAP circuit stand out and add a bit of spice to your clients training, is that one station determines the amount of reps or time spent at each other station.

Which will always vary as it depends on who’s performing the exercise at that station.

In this case, it’s the “movement” station.


All you need to do is set up 5 different stations of choice and depending what equipment you have on hand.


We have chosen a TRX station, a KB station and 3 bodyweight stations. The reason this works well for small or large groups is that with 5 stations being made up of just 2 equipment stations, you don’t need a whole heap of extras.

Eg. If you have 5 participants, you will only need  1 TRX  and 1 KB, and if you have 20 participants all you need is 4 TRX and 4 KB’s.


How it works….


Set up your 5 stations.  And divide your participants between them.




S1 – TRX

S2 – BW

S3 – KB

S4 – BW

S5 – Movement



Your “movement” station or the “movers”, as mentioned before, is the station that dictates how long everyone is performing their exercise at their station.


Choose a movement that will take roughly 45 seconds to complete.

For example, sprinting to the cones and back, walking lunges to cones, lateral walking planks between cones, crab walks.


Once the movement station has completed their exercise, they will then tap those on the TRX station to move onto the next bodyweight station, the people on the bodyweight station will tap those on the KB station to move on and so forth until all participants are on the following station and new movers on the movement station complete their exercise.


They will continue like this for 10 minutes (10 minute AMRAP).


We have created 2 x 10 minute AMRAPs for this session. Between each AMRAP, give your crew a little rest and a couple of partner drills or Core Drills and then have them start the next 10 minute AMRAP with the same stations but new exercises.


This will be roughly a 30 minute session. To make for a longer class, simply add another 10 minute AMRAP with new exercises.







TRX – Rows

BW – Pushups

KB – Swings

BW – Squat Holds

MOVEMENT – Lateral Plank Walks


Rest, partner drill or core drill.





TRX – Tricep Extensions

BW – Side Plank Rotations

KB – Curtsey Lunges

BW – Hip Thrusts

MOVEMENT – Bear Crawl  to cones


Rest, partner drill or core drill.


It’s a cracker! A whole lot of fun and really increases engagement between members.






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