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Hiit Blitz Program



Below you will find link to a 4-week progressive HIIT BLITZ Program. That’s 16 total workouts; plus there are three bonus workouts, two of which are body-weight. The main workouts do require kettlebells or dumbbells. You might be able to substitute sandbags in some cases if you don’t have the KBs or you want to change the tool for variety.

In the tables, you’ll see some exercises are in black, some in red and some in purple. The reds are regressions the black ones are the standard and purple is a progression. I didn’t include all progressions or regressions so if you have someone that can’t do a 1-hand kb high pull have them do a 1-hand swing. If they can’t do that, then use a 1-hand sumo RDL, etc.

There are separate tables with every exercise listed with links to videos so you can see how they are performed. Keep in mind that a lot of them were shot prior to me having a hip replacement so, the form is a bit off.

With all of these workouts, the intensity is going to be how light or heavy you or your clients go.


Download the PDF where workout program is explained w/ exercise demo videos:

Download PDF=> HIIT BLITZ Program








Dave Randolph is Author of many workout books including programs for Fitness Pros

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