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Holiday EMOMs 2020

Holiday EMOMs 2020!

By Sarah Rippel

Author of “Home Program Design Mastery,” “The Ultimate Group Training System,” “Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn


Here are three fun EMOM workouts to get you in the holiday spirit! Videos demonstrating the workouts are hyperlinked in the titles!


WORKOUT #1: EMOM x 10 Minutes (5 Rounds):

  1. Heavy Slam Ball To/Over Shoulder x 6-10 reps
  2. Seated Hand Over Hand Sled Pull then Push x 10yds each


I like this combo of exercises because you get a pretty solid total body push & pull effect! The heavy slam ball to shoulder puts a huge demand on the legs as well as the overall posterior-chain. The seated hand over hand sled pull lights up the back as well as the hips, and obviously pushing the sled torches the thighs and glutes like nothing else!


WORKOUT #2: Alternating EMOM x 15-30 Minutes (5-10 Rounds):

Minute 1 = Row x 150m

Minute 2 = Hang Power Clean x 5

Minute 3 = Lateral Burpee Over Bar x 10

The stimulus I was looking for here involves 30-35sec work on the rower, 10-15sec work on the hang power clean, and 25-30sec work on the burpee over bar.


I performed 5 rounds & felt that was enough for the day. I was tempted to keep going but I really needed to get some food in me at that point!


In using this circuit with my 6am and 7am small group training rockstars, I modified as outlined below:

Alternating EMOM x 5 Rounds (15min):

Minute 1 = 100m OR 150m Row

Minute 2 = @ultimatesandbag OR Dumbbell Hang Power Clean x 5

Minute 3 = Benign Burpee w/Optional Lateral Jump x 8-10


By giving a goal of 100m or 125m on the row, the ladies were able to stay within the 30-35sec target for that minute.


We went with a 30# force #ultimatesandbag or dumbbells (20-35#) for the hang power clean.


Finally, a “benign burpee” (stay in high plank position vs bringing chest to floor) with either a step-back or jump-back movement was used. The lateral jump was optional!


WORKOUT #3: Every 3:00 x 3-5 Rounds:

Perform 2 Rounds of:

  1. Overhead Squat x 3
  2. Box Jump x 6
  3. Knees to Elbows x 9

Then rest for the remaining time!


You should have about 60sec rest before starting the next round. If performing 2 rounds of the exercises in roughly 2 minutes is a tad too much, get the work done at an appropriate pace & then rest 60sec until going again!


You shouldn’t ever “redline” during this workout. In other words, you should feel like you are working hard, but that you’re not about to die lol.


No matter how you go at it, make note of how long it takes you to complete each round. Your goal is to maintain the same pace across all rounds or get slightly faster as you go!


I am using a 30# @ultimatesandbag “force” bag in the video. My initial plan was to go with a 65# barbell but my shoulders were toast after clean & jerk and strict press work!



  • Perform a front-loaded or bear hug squat with the #ultimatesandbag
  • Do a dumbbell front squat: 20-35# (chicks)/35-50# (dudes)
  • Do a lightly-loaded barbell overhead squat: 35-65# (chicks)/85-115# (dudes)
  • Go heavier on the barbell if you’re a badass (as long as technique is sound!)
  • Use a box lower than 20” if needed…or go with a 24” (as long as technique is sound!)
  • Perform step-ups instead of box jumps
  • Perform reverse crunches or hanging knee raises instead of knees to elbows




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