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How to use the internet to build your fitness business

How I use the internet to build my business

By: Omar J. Nasouri


I have been a personal fitness trainer since early 2002. My degree is in Kinesiology from SDSU with emphasis in fitness nutrition and health. Aside from being a personal fitness trainer, I would design web sites for local small businesses to earn some extra cash.


As you could imagine, my personal website (for my fitness training business) has gone through so many changes that it’s been a bit ridiculous. It got to the point where I found myself asking “hey, what do you think of my new web site?” at least once every two months.


Well, I have finally put together something that I’m 100% happy with and wanted to share with you what is working for me…


1) The Time Sensitive Promotion

I have tried MANY promotions in the past and until now, NOTHING has worked as well as my TWO DAY FITNESS JUMP-START KIT. Day one is a basic assessment and day two is a sample workout. Not w, I don’t always drag this out to 2 days. I will sometimes complete assessment and workout within an hour. I’ll usually take this approach if I am confident that the person is ready to sign up as a full time client. If however, the person seems a little iffy about joining, then I will have them schedule a day to come in and take advantage of their complimentary session. I take this approach because I want to build the habit of scheduling future sessions and returning to the facility.


I have never charged for this program and my conversion rates have always been great. Some trainers criticize me for giving away sessions, but this has always worked well for me. It might be different for you, but I find it very difficult to sell even a low cost package to a cold lead.


2) Video Lead Generator With An Easy Upsell

After someone signs up for my 2 day kit, they are immediately sent to a confirmation / welcome page that greets the new potential client with a “7 Fitness Tips” video and a special intro offer that is extremely discounted. People love and are completely accustomed to watching videos online as opposed to reading text. Having a video is a great lead generating tool. I don’t really use it as a stand alone offer, but as an addition to my jump-start kit.



3) AutoResponder / Newsletter Feature

Make sure your collecting email addresses online. I use my 2 day kit and a 7 tip video (above) to generate leads. These new leads are automatically greeted with a welcome email and put on my newsletter list for future content / promotions. Not all leads will make immediate contact, but it’s important to keep occasional contact – just be sure not to bombard their email on a daily basis as that can lead to a quick unsubscribe. I use a built in newsletter program that allows me to email my list directly through my web site.



4) Follow Up X 3

Right now, i have three methods of following up with leads. If a lead does not respond to my automated email within a day or two, I will usually follow up with a text or phone call. And for a while a stopped using direct mail, but I’m back at it and mail is still a great way to reach out to potential clients (we can’t rely 100% on technology yet).


How do I collect physical addresses? Well, occasionally I will put together a gift card promotion that requires a physical address. Shortly after I will mail a welcome letter along with their gift card.


5) Design and Site Functionality Matters

If you don’t have a professional looking site, no one will take you seriously. Now you don’t have to get crazy with animations and a ton of graphics. Keep it clean, keep it simple. Your site should be to the point and easy to navigate. Remember, one goal at a time. A ton of options will only distract your visitors.


6) SEO or Traditional Advertising?

Your web site should be built with easy to use SEO features and you should utilize at least the simplest SEO strategies as they do not take much time effort or energy. You should not however rely 100% on pure SEO to get people onto your page and becoming new clients. If you build it, they will NOT come. Unfortunately, it’s just not that easy.


Even the top SEO experts are advertising their services. Different approaches work for different markets. Don’t just wait for prospects to find you, get out there and find them.


If you want the same web system that I am currently using to build my personal fitness business (including all the tools listed above) then check out http://www.fitnessprofitcenter.comand take advantage of our current special offer…

Now with a new look, new lead generating tools, an included newsletter / autoresponder platform AND new SEO strategies… FPC is back and better than ever before.

Currently, everything is being offered to you for a small one time set-up fee and only $39 per month. BUT, Since I am celebrating my birthday on the 2nd of April, I want to reduce your monthly investment to only $29 per month. All you have to do is join before April 15th and on the confirmation page (after payment is submitted) you will see a short business questioner. In the last box that asks for additional business info simply include the text “happy birthday” and your monthly fee will be reduced.

  • Also, you have 30 days to test drive their service without any financial risk or obligation.

Now remember, to qualify for the reduced monthly rate, you must reserve your spot before April 15th and you must include the text “happy birthday” to let them know you are a friend of mine…Go visit http://www.fitnessprofitcenter.com for your new web site.



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