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Run One of These 5 Specialized Bootcamps…

 Run One of These 5 Specialized Bootcamps…
by Georgette Pann



One of the keys to filling your bootcamps with trainees is to offer specialized bootcamps.  That means you need to figure out what niche markets there are in your area – especially those that aren’t yet being served — and then create custom bootcamps around these niches.

Here’s why it works…

Just imagine a potential client, such as a middle-aged woman looking to lose weight.  Which bootcamp is she going to choose?

  • Joe Blow’s Weight Loss Bootcamp
  • Joe Blow’s Weight Loss Bootcamp for Women Over 40

That’s right, she’s going to choose the second one because the marketing materials “speak” to her and the bootcamp is geared towards her needs.  As such, offering specialized bootcamps that appeal to a smaller segment of your overall market actually results in MORE clients!

Here are a few specialized bootcamp ideas.  These might be useful in your area.  Or, use these ideas as a starting point to brainstorm your own specialized bootcamps…

Bride Bootcamps: This is a bootcamp geared for women who need to shed fat and inches in order to look stunning in their wedding dress.  Many of these women have dreamed of the perfect wedding all their lives.  For best results, tap into this long-held dream in your marketing materials by telling prospects how your bootcamp will help them have the perfect wedding.

“Freshman 15” Bootcamps:  This is a bootcamp that targets college students, especially junior classman who either want to prevent the “freshman 15” or they need to shed the 15 or so pounds they’ve already gained.  You can have co-ed camps or you can gear the camp for just women or just men.

Military-Style Bootcamps:  Here’s a class that’s not just a “bootcamp” in name only.  Instead, you provide actual military-style training. This type of bootcamp will appeal to current and former soldiers, firefighters and police offers. Or, you can gear it towards those who need to get ready for an actual military bootcamp.

Corporate Bootcamps: Most major companies send their employees on retreats and to workshops for team-building exercises.  You can market your bootcamps directly to corporations as an alternative to these retreats.  Plus, you have a unique angle since many companies are moving towards encouraging healthy habits for their employees.

TIP: Be sure to include team-building exercises in your corporate bootcamps, such as exercises that require a partner.

Athletic Bootcamps: Athletic bootcamps are those that are designed to train people to be more competitive in a particular sport.  Depending on the sport, your bootcamp will train clients to be faster, stronger or have more endurance.  You can gear your camps for football players, tennis players, track and field stars, hockey players – or whatever else is popular in your area.

In summary: It seems counterintuitive that the more narrowly you focus on a niche, the greater number of customers you’ll get. But that’s exactly what happens when you create specialized bootcamps.

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