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Resistance Band Muscle Workout – Push-Pull-Legs Circuit

Resistance Band Muscle Workout – Push-Pull-Legs Circuit

by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros



For anyone looking to maximize resistance training results, finding the perfect split can be tricky business—do you hit all major muscle groups once a week, twice a week, daily?

Many training programs utilize different breakdowns for different reasons, but one of my favorite ways to train is following the push, pull, and legs split.

The idea is to maximize growth by blasting a muscle with several exercises from multiple angles and following up with a lengthy recovery period. The results? Are amazing!!!

But today I am going to flip the script on you and bring you an entire workout using Push Exercises, Pull Exercises and Leg Training all in one circuit using resistance bands.

Generally speaking,

  • Push exercises: Train all upper body push and press muscles—chest, shoulders, and triceps.
  • Pull exercises: Train all upper body pulling muscles—back, biceps, and rear delts.
  • Leg exercises: Train your entire lower body—quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

So in todays workout I am going to take you through a 20 minute total body resistance band muscle building workout using push, pull and leg exercises that will help you build muscle and burn fat.


20 Minute Resistance Band Push-Pull-Legs Workout
Perform each exercise for 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds rest for 2 sets before moving onto the next workout
1. RBT Floor Press x2
2. Shoulder Press x2
3. RBT Pec Deck x2
4. RBT Kickbacks x2
5. RBT Deadlifts x2
6. Bent Over rows x2
7. Biceps Curls x2
8. RBT Squats x2
9. RBT Reverse Lunges x2
10. Calf Raises x 2






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Loved thebworkout and Inspiration. I will be trying some of these at home soon

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