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SGT Workout Breakdown Program 4 – The Conditioning Based Warm-Up: 10 Minute EMOM Part 1

SGT Workout Breakdown- Program 4  Part 1

The Conditioning Based Warm-Up: 10 Minute EMOM

By Sarah Rippel
author of Build ‘N Burn & the upcoming “Ultimate Group Training System”






In this article I will be taking a session from a group training program I designed, “Program 4.” This program is one of four that are included in The Ultimate Group Training Manual. It is my favorite of the four programs and has several unique aspects that I will touch on here.


The training session I chose to feature from Program 4 is “Wave 2, Week 8, Day 1.”


The basic template for this workout consists of a conditioning-biased warm-up, a warm-up block for the main lift of the day (overhead press variation), three rounds of a strength circuit, and three rounds of an assistance circuit.


Kicking of the training session, the conditioning-biased warm-up accomplishes a few things. It gets people moving, gets heart rates up, and emphasizes the movement pattern of the main lift for the day. Nothing out of the ordinary for a warm-up, right? So what’s the big deal?


I have found that giving the warm-up a conditioning emphasis sets the tone for the entire training session. In my experience, people tend to dread conditioning work when it is at the end of a workout. By starting the training session with a conditioning intent, people get excited about the workout, and in theory, get the “hard stuff” out of the way from the beginning. The catch here is that the strength circuit as well as assistance circuit can both be made to be conditioning-biased, so the overall theme for this workout has a metabolic flavor to it.


You may be asking, “but where’s the mobility & activation stuff?” I chose to get away from a standard warm-up that includes a ton of that sort of thing and found this to be a positive shift! If a person needs additional work for hips &/or t-spine, the can knock out some individual work prior to the group getting started.


In my opinion, if a person is in need of a program that emphasizes corrective exercise, then they would probably be better off working in a one-on-on setting prior to being a part of a group. It is our responsibility to dictate the best course of action for each person who comes to us for training. Being able to lay out a few training options not only shows a person we are wanting the best for them, but that we believe 100% in the services we offer.


I feel we must be attentive to the fact that our programming can most definitely have a negative impact on our clients! I have really come to see that intelligent programming means you are not causing your clients to need a ton of “corrective” work. The workouts themselves are corrective in a sense that total-body strengthening paired with conditioning at a “healthy” intensity (aka not “OMG I’m about to die”).



  1. Kettlebell 1-Arm Clean & Press x 2/side, followed immediately by a Hollow Hold variation for 20 seconds


The conditioning warm-up is a 10-minute EMOM. This is an “every minute on the minute” format, meaning each round begins at the top of the minute. Once the exercises are completed for that round, you rest for the remaining time.


I recommend starting out with a weight that is “comfy” for the clean & press and building from there in the following rounds. You can choose from strict press, push press, or push jerk, and a combination of the three is allowed. In going up in weight, you probably will find that you need to either push press or push jerk the kettlebell, as compared to a strict press.


After the clean and press reps are completed, you will immediately perform 20 seconds of a Hollow Hold variation. Some options are a tuck hold, what I call a “hybrid” hollow hold (which is one leg straight & the other tucked), or a standard hollow hold with arms by the body or extended overhead.


After completing the clean and press reps followed by the hollow hold, you rest until the next minute begins!

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