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The Big Five ‘55’ Workout, AMRAP Day Workout and More!

The Big Five ‘55’ Workout, AMRAP Day Workout and More!

Georgette Pann  Creator of Smartfitproworkouts and the Bootcamp Career Bundle



Big Five ‘55’ Workout

The protocol is that you would do 10 reps of each exercise, then go back to the top of the list and do 9 reps of each, then 8….etc…until 1 rep. From 5 reps onwards you would then look to complete more difficult variations of the Burpee or Pushup. [More difficult version of the burpee is with a pushup and a jump


In all, 55 reps of each exercise is completed. The aim is steady consistent work, take rest as and when required, however you are working against the clock…i.e. time yourself doing the workout…..then you can challenge yourself several weeks / months later, and see if you can beat your time.

Warmup Workout:

10 Single Leg Hip Extensions / 10 x Bird Dogs / 10 Pushups

3 times through


WORKOUT: Big Five ‘55’ (inspired by Dan John)

10 reps down to 1 rep


Burpees / Burps [Burpees from 5 reps down] – 

Burps are simply a burpee without the standing up – extended push-up position, feet brought to the chest and then back out, repeat 😉 


Squat & Press
 (using Fists / Bands or Medicine Ball dependent upon ability and / or equipment available)


 [Bands or Med Ball]

[Box / Modified / Full (dependent upon ability) do a more difficult version from 5 reps down


Knees to Chest




Shuttle Runs [Teams or individuals]

Pays to be a winner….winners rest….rest, continue next rounds OR….the winner chooses an exercise and the ‘non-winners’ complete the exercise for 30 seconds


Cool down & Stretch




Great workout!


Another workout from my vault…… 

Outdoor Bodyweight

This is a BRUTAL one….short and sharp


Warmup circuit:

100 rope turns [Skipping Rope]

10 BW Squats

10 Pushups

X 3


WORKOUT: Scale as necessary


100 – 200m Sprint [if no running track 15 – 35s sprint]

10 – 20 Pushups

1 min Rest [up to 1.5mins if necessary]


Repeat 5 times


Water break then,


Core workout:


30s Plank / Side Plank / Other side / Reverse



Cool down & Stretch


One more  from the Vault:) 


AMRAP Day [As Many Rounds As Possible]




Turkish Getup [using fist rather than weight]

10 TGU each side





10 mins

Double Leg Hip Extensions x 10

Pushups x 10

High Knee Sprints [count every right foot]


Record the number of rounds completed – 30 – 60 second rest



Russian Lunges x 10

Ring Row x 10 [using Gym Rings / TRX Equipment / Towel round a bar at a jungle gym play area]

Russian Twists [hands clasped together…no weights] x 10


Record the number of rounds completed


2 min rest


Interval Training 15 / 15 [work / rest in seconds] 8 times through – 4 minutes total.


Alternate between the two movements


Jumping Jacks / Split Jumps


Cool Down and Stretch





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