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Top 3 Bootcamp Finisher Workouts

The Importance of Finishers In Your Boot Camps


The Top 3 Finisher Workouts


Have you ever begun something new and had a lot of excitement at the start only later you get bored with it?


The reason for this is because it’s brand new.  You have excitement, you have fear and you don’t know what to expect…but as time goes on, it get’s old and boring.


The same thing can happened with your clients and boot campers.  At first they love you, your workouts and everything you bring to each session.  Bur at some point your clients will need more as they get comfortable. 


You need to push them to their limits, you need to encourage them and you need to motivate them to become better.


How do you ensure that you keep your sessions fresh and exciting week in and week out?


Adding Finisher workouts to the end of your sessions.


Finishers are short, simple, high intensity circuit workouts that you perform at the end of your primary training session. They aren’t designed to take all that long to complete…these will only take 3-10 minutes.

Here is what you can expect when you add Finishers to your workouts…

  1. Create the a sense of excitement
  2. Add a variety to your workouts sessions
  3. Your Clients will get better results
  4. Keep Them Coming Back for More

This week Funk Roberts just launched the new Finisher Bundle, which are a collection of 19 different Finisher programs and over 300 workouts for you to implement into your sessions.

Grab Over 300 Done For You Finisher Workouts <= Download Your  Finisher Programs HERE

When you challenge your clients, athletes and campers with Finishers at the end of each session you will bring the best in them and encourage more MOTIVATION during your training.

Make sure you add Finisher Workouts to your fitness business and keep your sessions exciting

Top 3 Finisher Workouts


Today I wanted to share 3 totally different types of finisher workouts so you can get a small taste of what you get in the bundle:

10-Minute Density Finishers

These are pure density circuits where you will perform AMSAP (as Many Sets As Possible) for a certain time limit. Perform each exercise for the prescribed reps one after the other for 10 minutes.

Burpees x 10

Kettlebell Swings x 10

Renegade Rows x 10

DB Clean and Press x 10


Ripped Abs Finishers

These are an awesome core, abs and cardio exercises together to help strengthen the midsection while burning calories.

Perform each exercise for 50 seconds followed by 10 seconds rest one after the other for 2 -3 straight rounds = 6 or 9 minutes

Lying Leg Raises

Rotational Mountain Climbers

Alternating Side Planks


Brutal Bodyweight Finishers

To perform these finishers, you’ll want to perform each exercise for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Then move directly to the next exercise. Once all four moves are finished, repeat the cycle one more time.


Burpee Thrusters

Seal Jacks

Wide Grip Push-Ups

Jump Squats

That’s it! Just a little taste of what you get in the Finisher Bundle. If you like that workout, you will LOVE this NEW Finisher Bundle which are 19 Finisher resources and over 300 circuits for you to implement into your training session that will get results, increase your retention and make you the “Go To” Trainer.

Grab Over 300 Done For You Finisher Workouts <= Download Your Finisher Programs 


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