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New BW + DB Metabolic Strength Circuit (with videos)

New BW + DB Metabolic Strength Circuit (with videos)

By Sarah Rippel, Author of The Ultimate Group Training System , Build ‘N Burn & The  NEW Build N Burn 2.0



Here are the “strength blocks” from two workouts that are a part of the upcoming “Home Program Design Mastery” program!

There are several ways that progression is integrated into this program. Stances and set-ups as well as loading positions are key factors. These tweaks enable us to “load” the body without having to add more weight, therefore they are a great tool to have in your toolbox when designing and implementing in-home programs for your clients.

We are all uncertain as to when we will be able to return to “normal” again. This may mean that many of us may have to continue delivering in-home programming for our clients. I personally feel that this is a huge opportunity to reach more people, even after we are able to get back into our facilities! There is a market for in-home training, and it can’t hurt to level-up your program design skills for this niche!




x 3-4 Rounds:
1) Seated Vertical Jump x 3-5
2) Goblet Squat Hold x 10-15sec followed by Goblet Box Squat x 10-15
3) Towel 2-Arm Bent-Over Row – 5sec x 3-5
4) 2-Arm Bent-Over Row x 10-12


x 3-4 Rounds:
1) Curtsy Lunge x 8-10/side
2) Hip Bridge + DB Press OR Marching Bridge + DB Press x 10-12 total reps
3) Hollow Hold Variation x 20sec

Seated Vertical Jump 

Goblet Squat Hold 

Goblet Box Squat 

Towel 2-Arm Bent-Over Row

2-Arm Bent-Over Row 



Video for Strength Block 1E above


x 3-4 Rounds:
1) DB Alternating Snatch x 6-8/side
2) High Plank Hold x 20-30sec OR High Plank Shoulder Taps x 4-6/side
3) 1/2-Kneeling Windmill x 4-6/side
4) Crunches on Floor or Stability Ball x 10-15


x 3-4 Rounds:
1) Sprinter Start x 6-8/side
2) Side Plank Leg Lift (both knees bent or top leg straight) x 8-10/side
3) Rotational Press-Out x 6-8/side (one side at a time; do not alternate!)
4) DB Pullover + Triceps Extension in Hip Bridge @2020 x 10-12


DB Alternating Snatch 

High Plank Hold 

High Plank Shoulder Taps 

½-Kneeling Windmill 

Sprinter Start 

Side Plank Leg Lift 

Rotational Press-Out 

DB Pullover + Triceps Extension in Hip Bridge 



Stay tuned for The Home Program Design Mastery product with done for you programs!

In the meantime…..

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