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Your Bootcamp Workout Isn’t… “Working Out”

Your Bootcamp Workout Isn’t… “Working Out”

By Georgette Pann


I’m going to say something that’s going to shock you…


Most Bootcamp workouts SUCK.


There, I said it.


I know, a lot of people are gonna freak when they read that. After all, I’m known for promoting bootcamps left, right, and sideways.


So why on earth would I dare say that bootcamp workouts suck?

A workout with no outcome does nothing for you.

And that’s why many if not most suck. 

Because MOST bootcamp workouts are simply that… workouts. They’re not programs. And trying to compare a workout to a program is like trying to compare a rickshaw to a Ferrari. There’s no comparison!


You see, here’s the thing…


A lot of trainers use standalone workouts in their bootcamps. These workouts aren’t designed to achieve any particular goal. They’re really just designed to make clients feel like they had a good workout.


Not just a good workout…


A killer workout. An amazing workout. A crazy workout.A wacked out complicated game style workout


And so the client goes home and they feel good. They cross “workout” off their to-do list. They tell their friends about the awesomeness of the workout. They feel accomplished. They feel good. And they’ll do it all again in another couple days.


Oh sure, they feel good.


But what the heck do feelings have to do with results?


Not a damn thing.


Your clients can “feel” whatever way they want. But if they’re not getting results, then you’re failing them. And when they figure out they’re not getting results (and mark my words, they WILL), they’re going to drop you like a hot potato.


So let’s think less about bootcamp “workouts”… and let’s focus on bootcamp PROGRAMMING.


Programming is all about getting really good results for your clients.

Constantly doing random workouts thinking you are adding variety? Well….

A good bootcamp program isn’t going to toss “variety” into the mix just for the sake of variety. Instead, a good program only puts variety in when it’s essential to the goal. (And if “variety” runs contrary to the goal, it’s outta there.)


A good bootcamp program doesn’t focus on “killer workouts” or having your clients dragging themselves out of the gym. Instead, a good bootcamp program provides your clients with the exact workout they need to achieve their goals.


A good bootcamp program doesn’t focus on making your clients feel any particular way. Instead, a good bootcamp program focuses on delivering results. (And it’s just a bonus that your clients feel really good!)


So listen…


You can decide to offer daily “killer bootcamp workouts” to your clients. And if you do that, then you can watch your competitors run circles around you too. You can watch your clients drift away. You can watch your bank account dry up.


OR you can start programming your bootcamps. You can start getting great results for your clients. You can fill your bootcamps with eager clients who’ve heard you know how to deliver.


The choice is yours.

Smart fitness professionals will choose this:

The Bootcamp Periodization System http://smartfitproworkouts.com/bootcamp-periodization-system


Read more about how to add variety here http://THEFITNESSBOOTCAMPCLUB.COM/the-secret-of-providing-variety-and-great-results-for-your-clients/



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