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Your Most Important Fitness Business System-Program Design

Your Most Important Fitness Business System, Program Design



Which of the following sounds more logical to you?


A bunch of random exercises thrown together to look like a plan or a well thought out plan, set, complete and ready for delivery?


You can decide or maybe I can help you decide.


Any fitness professional, worth the amount of their client’s hard earned cash, understands the importance of an organized system.


As fitness business owners, we obsess about systemizing our business, in order for it to operate at peak efficiency, with little headaches.


The same can be said about your facility’s personal training system.


In order to deliver a full spectrum experience, in a large group or semi private training format, you need a complete program design model.


After working with one-on-one clientele for 12-15 hours a day, for close to 19 years, I’d often spend most nights mentally exhausted.


This feeling of exhaustion wasn’t solely from the training hours, but in conjunction from the mental anguish of having to think up different exercises and workouts for everyone of my clients.


Often times these programs were built the morning of, or on my lunch break. To make matters worse, I wasn’t even paid for creating these programs, just for my delivery.


Yet, I’d consistently run into the same problem.


I didn’t have a plan.


Sure, kicking the crap out of your clients with a bunch of random shit will probably leave them feeling great. For a period of time, that is until they become burnt out or even worse, injured.


If your clients are going to continue to work with you, a training plan is just as important as their nutrition plan, because after all if they only come to you to train, you better be good. Actually, you should be great.


Being great at training my clients has never been an issue, allowing others to be great along side me, was about to become a problem.


As I transitioned into the world of becoming a fitness business owner I became everything to everyone. That’s when my attraction for creating systems began to develop, although I was missing something.


My training protocol, the program design I used to deliver my clients kick-ass results, had never systemized. Well, at least not in a format for anyone else to replicate.


Why, not?


I was the only person delivering the sessions and there was no need.

 So I thought.

Then my clientele grew, my business grew, and finally my team.


I’d worked hard to create a cutting-edge program design model for Bootcamps/GroupTraining but the tools my team needed to deliver this exact cutting-edge program design were missing.


I was one year into my business and had now brought on a team of two other coaches, who’d be asked to deliver these designed programs.


That’s when I went to work. It was time to map it all out.


The exercises, format, work-to-rest ratios, repetitions, sets, warm-up protocol, all the components that I’d used to create this training system.


The best part was I’d outlined the programming guidelines to allow these guys to create even more training programs, without my continued guidance.


And the best part, it was easy for them and allowed me to free up hours of time to spend working on my business.


We as fitness professionals function in a world where people need our help, they want our help and we owe it to them to deliver the best programs possible.


Outside of program design alone, our clients need to be taken care of. They strive to achieve success and they desire the results you know you can provide. In my world Group Metabolic Training is as much about longevity as it is about our clients huffing and puffing with exhaustion. 


This is why I’m sharing my systems with you.


I’ve had the honor of partnering with industry leaders to put together these Done for YOU Programs. We have taken the best components of all our facilities and provided you with a complete program design solution for your Semi Private and Large Group Training models.


It’s time to take the stress out of program design, the is cutting edge, quick, easy, simple to use and now available for you to implement.


We have put together some truly unique done-for-you programs  check it out athttp://smartfitproworkouts.com It literally gives trainers done for you personal training and boot camp workouts at your fingertips.

 Here are just some of the resources:

Build N’ Burn – Done For YOU Small Group Training System for Fit Pros http://smartfitproworkouts.com/build-n-burn


12 month Done for YOU Bootcamp Workout System

Bootcamp Periodization Workout System==>http://smartfitproworkouts.com/bootcamp-periodization-system


Bootcamp Trans4mation System-Done-for-YOU 4,6,8 week Plug n’Play 



The HIIT Academy Workout System 

Done-for-YOU HIIT Workouts and the Rebrandable Metabolic Madness Group Training Program!


101 Conditioning Circuits –
Conditioning Circuits Done Right!



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