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NEW Bootcamp Equipment Review-Railyard 3 in 1 Sled + Serius Strap

NEW Bootcamp Equipment Review-Railyard 3 in 1 Sled + Serius Strap

Deluxe Railyard 3 in 1 Sled

As an owner of a Bootcamp, group fitness, and studio, equipment with versatility is something I’m always on the look for..and…. The Deluxe Railyard 3 in 1 weight sled is one of the most efficient additions to my collection.

It can be used as a push or pull sled, or as an anchor for battle ropes or resistance bands for up to six clients

The best part is there is no additional cost to adding the weight element; use your
dumbbells, kettlebells, plates or sandbells to easily add your desired weight.

Whether you train indoors or outdoors, the Deluxe Railyard 3 in 1 sled is a wise investment to add to your
equipment collection and diversify your training in limitless ways.


We love this and so do our clients:)




The Deluxe Weight Training Sled and Anchor Package has everything you need to pull it, push it or use it as a portable Anchor for up to six training tools like Fitness Ropes or Resistance Tubes.
3 in 1 value for a commercial quality Sled. .
The Railyard Fitness Weight Sled Anchor is one product that’s does the job of three using the new weights in your facility or bootcamps.

Sled package only (no harness) 
Sled package with harness

Sled package with harness and handle


I also got my hands on this suspension trainer and I love it!~Original Serius Strap : 





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