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30-Min Thermogenic Burner Circuit (+Bonus Workouts)

30-Min Thermogenic Burner Circuit (+Bonus Workouts)

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30-Minute Thermogenic Burner 

Total-Body Warmup (x2 rounds)

  • Prisoner Squats (20-30 seconds)
  • Elevated Pushups, one hand on a dumbbell (15 seconds on each side)
  • Prisoner Reverse Lunges (20 seconds on each side)

Metabolic Resistance Training Round 1 (x3 rounds)

  • Bulgarian or Regular Split Squats (20 seconds each side, 20 seconds rest in between)
  • DB/Band Chest Press (40 seconds, 20 seconds of rest)
  • TRX Rows or Inverted Rows (40 seconds, 20 seconds of rest)

…take a minute or two of rest…

Metabolic Resistance Training Round 2 (x3 rounds)

  • Goblet Squats or Kettlebell Front Squats o(40 seconds, NO rest)
  • DB Chest Press (40 seconds, NO rest)
  • DB Rows  (40 seconds on each side)

6-Minute Abs

Perform each exercise for 60 seconds in a circuit. Run through this circuit twice with minimal rest.

a) Ab Wheel or Stability Ball Rollouts
b) Stability Ball or TRX Jackknife
c) Cross-Body Mountain Climbers or Side Plank


And here’s a couple surprise workouts to try in your bootcamps or group training sessions…

 ..great workouts to do outdoors or indoors…

1.Crazy-8 Bodyweight Circuit

1) 60 Jumping Jacks: Done as fast as possible, but make sure you do full jumping jacks.

2) 20 Spiderman Pushups or regular pushups

3) Walking Lunges: 30 steps total

4) Spiderman Climb: 10 per side

5) Bodyweight Squat – 20 reps cardio workout

6) Mountain Climbers – 20 reps

7) Burpees – 5 reps

8) High Knees: Done as fast as possible. Do 50 total.

Repeat circuit 2-3 times

2.The Bodyweight-8 Afterburn Circuit Workout

– Do as many repetitions as you can in the recommended time.

– Rest 1 minute at the end of the circuit.

– Do 2-4 circuits.

1) Prisoner Squats – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

2) Close-Grip Pushups – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

3) Pullups or Bodyweight Rows (or DB rows) – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

4) Burpees or Total Body Extensions – 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds

5) Decline Pushups or Regular Pushups – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

6) Chin-ups or Bodyweight Rows (or DB Curls) – 45 seconds, rest 15 second

7) Walking Lunges – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

8) Mountain Climbers – 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds



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