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Static-Dynamic Turkey Day Burner Circuit

30:30 Static-Dynamic Turkey Day Burner Circuit

Author of “Home Program Design Mastery,” “The Ultimate Group Training System,” “Build ‘N Burn 2.0,” & “Build ‘N Burn


In a past article “The Static-Dynamic EMOM Format for Conditioning Workouts,” I explained one of my favorite ways to structure conditioning circuits. In this format, you perform an exercise where you are holding a position for time, then alternate that with one that involves total-body movement, & continue in this manner using 2-4 exercises.


I feel the static-dynamic structure allows people to maintain an appropriate intensity level for the duration of the workout. The static holds are a nice departure from constant movement. They demand a focus on proper positioning & full-body engagement. The dynamic movements are kept basic to allow for an all-out intensity!


Here is a recent circuit I designed for use with my groups using a 1:1 work-to-rest interval format. You could also go with a basic EMOM setup for this circuit if desired.



Fixed 30s work interval for each exercise

 2-4 rounds, depending on level/goals

  1. Rope Double Slams
  2. “Top of Dip” Hold OR Tuck Sit
  3. Over-the-Top Med Ball Slams
  4. Arch Hold



Here are some ideas for structuring this workout to suit beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels:


Level 1:

  1. Small Rope Slams
  2. Assisted “Top of Dip” Hold – hold for up to 10s, rest for 5-10s, hold for another 5-10s
  3. Basic Med Ball Slams
  4. Arch Hold – hold for 10s, rest 5-10s, hold for another 10s

Level 2:

  1. Big Rope Slams
  2. “Top of Dip” Hold – hold for as long as possible within the 30s interval
  3. Over the Top Med Ball Slams
  4. Arch Hold

Level 3:

  1. Jumping Big Rope Slams – https://youtu.be/lLXM6-udEkQ
  2. Tuck Hold
  3. Over the Top Med Ball Slams – increase load
  4. Arch Hold


Loading & Equipment Suggestions:


I am using a 30’ rope that has a 1.5” diameter. I feel this is a good length & size for everyone, but men may require a slightly longer rope. Keep in mind that a heavier/longer rope requires more energy to move properly. If people are unable to create waves that travel all the way down to the anchor point, then the rope is probably too big.


The med ball I am using in the video is 8 pounds. I recommend using a 6-8 lb med ball for women & 8-10 lb med ball for men. I feel using a medicine ball that is too heavy slows down the tempo of the movement too much for the desired training effect, & doesn’t allow for full range of motion. As stated in the video, I recommend a med ball that bounces for this circuit. This allows for faster cycling of repetitions & a more explosive movement pattern with the slams.


The power rack I use in the video has spotter arms that can be set up for dips & other exercises, so it’s easy to use for the “top of dip” hold & tuck sit. An alternative to this could be to lay a pair of barbells on top of the pins inside the power rack as shown here: https://youtu.be/85xaCPqV3Go . Parallettes will allow for you to do tuck sits but not the “top of dip” hold.


Give this circuit a try in an upcoming group training workout (or one of your own workouts) and let me know what your clients think!



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