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How Bodyweight Angular Training Can Help Your Clients Build Muscle & Strength Even Faster

How Bodyweight Angular Training Can Help Your Clients
Build Muscle & Strength Even Faster


Growing a personal training business or bootcamp is not just about marketing, sales or leading your team. Sure these are all important.


But your clients are there for one thing… results.


They are trusting you to show them the latest and greatest techniques that will help them achieve their goals quickly.


Bodyweight based training has become extremely popular. People love the convenience and low cost… but did you know that proper bodyweight based training can help your clients gain strength and muscle?


Its true.


Remember that the basic premise of muscle growth is overload. The body is overloaded with enough force to tear the muscle tissue. Once the tissue is torn (and adequate rest and nutrition is given) it grows back stronger and bigger.


I’d like to introduce you to a very unique and powerful bodyweight trechnique called “Bodyweight Angular Training”.


This concept can help your client’s build tremendous strength and muscle while doing some of their favorite bodyweight exercises.


What Is Bodyweight Angular Training?


Whenever you perform any movement you are utilizing angular training without even knowing it. Let’s start with a basic four directional diagram.


See this…

[PICTURE 1] (2)





Let’s take the push up as an example.


When you perform a typical push up you are traveling along the up and down portions of the diagram.


[PICTURE 2] (2)




 This standard push up will strengthen the middle portion of the chest along with your shoulders and triceps.


However, most people don’t even realize that with a slight modification you can target the upper portion of the chest muscle with the same exercise.


See this…


[PICTURE 3] (2)




You notice that you start in an upward position but then shift your weight forward as you go down. This puts emphasis in the upper portion of your chest and makes the exercise more challenging.


Why would you want to add this “new angle” to your client’s workout routine?


If your client’s goal is to increase strength and muscle than they need to overload the entire muscle group. Adding this push up will help them do just that.


Now that we have covered the basic push up and the “Forward push up”… I’ll show you the “Backward push up”.


See this…

[PICTURE 4] (2)




You’ll notice that as you go down you shift your weight back. This targets not only the lower portion of the chest but also the back and rear delt muscles more effectively.



With Bodyweight Angular Trainining you are only limited by your imagination.


Above, I showed you the “Up-Down-Left-Right” diagram. Looking at it from the side, you just discovered two unique ways of doing the normal push up.


We can also look at this diagram from the front.


See this..

[PICTURE 5] (2)




 This picture shows you that you can adjust the angle of the push up as you go down. For example, start shifting your weight to one side and you’ll immediately make the exercise much more difficult.




This is Angular Training at its finest. As you shift your weight you put more tension on that chest muscle group. You increase the amount of tension which helps to fatigue the muscle faster.


You see… many people think bodyweight training is just for building up endurance. Once you can do 50 push ups than they aren’t really effective for building strength.


It is true that high rep push ups are mostly good for endurance. Yet that’s why its important to implement these unique variations to make each exercise more challenging.


You might be thinking.. sure Todd that’s great for push ups, but what about other exercises?


Great question.


Let’s dive into the pull up.


See the picture below.

[PICTURE 6] (2)



That’s the normal pull up.


You go up, then you go down.

 However, what if you went to one side as you went up? This would put greater emphasize on the biceps and lats on that supporting side.


You can see by the picture that it is a different angle.








 This is looking at the pull up from the backside.


What if we looked at it from the side?


How could we use angular training?




See this…


You could go forward as you go up…








or you could go back as you go up…





 Both examples are unique angles that put the emphasis of the exercise on a different area of the muscle group.


In order to grow, the body needs change. It needs exercises that are more challenging otherwise your clients will not see results…and you’ll lose their trust.


This is the fastest way to fail as a personal trainer.


It doesn’t matter how well you can market, if you are not bringing people results than they will leave you.


Bodyweight Angular Training is a fantastic method of increasing the difficulty of typical bodyweight exercises. This will help your clients achieve their results faster and help you grow your business through word of mouth referrals.

 -Bodyweight Todd

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