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Outdoor Workouts-Bags,Bells and Bodyweight

Gym-Less Workouts 
by Travis Stoetzel


Workout #1 – Taken From Bags, Bells, and Bodyweight – Phase 4 – Day 3

1A) Power Skips 4 rounds x 25 yards x 2 for all out height and 2 sets for all out distance

2A) KB or SB Squat 5 x 5

3A) Density Set – AMRAP x 20 mins

a) KB Swing x 10
b) Push Up Variation x 10
c) Bear Crawl x 10 yards and back
d) Pull Up variation x 6
e) 20 yard Sprint and Back x 1

4A) Tire Sled Drags – Heavy Weight 5 x 20 yards Forward/ 20 yards Back OR 40 Yard Sprints x 6 if no sled

Workout #2 – Taken From PROJECT: Mobile and Hostile – Week 4, Day 3

1A) Power Skips 4 sets of 5 per leg into 20 yard sprint ***Rest 30 secs before you go to 1B)
1B) Broad Jumps 4 x 5 into 20 yard sprint

2A) 40 yard Sprint w/ Game Recovery
***Sprint ALL OUT 40 yards. Rest 30-40 secs and repeat 4 times = 1 set
Rest 2 mins and repeat for 3 total sets

3A) Density Strength Circuit – AMRAP in 10 mins
a) Bear Crawl 40 yards and back
b) Squats x 15
c) Crab Walk 40 yards and back
d) Drop Lunge x 12/Leg

4A) Ab Circuit – Perform 3 rounds x 10-15 reps each
a) Full V- Seat
b) Knee Tucks
c) V- Seat Reach
d) Cross Body Knee Tucks

Workout #3 – Taken From Last night’s Track Workout (BRUTAL)…

1A) Single Arm Alternating Power Snatch 5 x 5/arm

7 Rounds:

2A) 200m Sprint

2B) Double Squat Clean and Press x 5

***Rest x 2 mins and repeat

3A) E.M.O.T.M. x 10 Mins

a) Kettlebell Swing x 15

b) Burpee x 5

***If you fail to get in the alotted amount of reps within the minute, you are done.

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