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Why Bootcamps Are NOT Dying in 2013

 Why Bootcamps Are NOT Dying in 2013

by Georgette Pann


You’ve probably heard the same rumblings I have. Maybe you’ve even heard an expert or a trusted friend say it to you.  What are they saying?  Bootcamps are DEAD in 2013.


Guess what? That’s complete bull. And the truth is, for those who know how to market their fitness business the right way, they’ll find that bootcamps are alive, well and absolutely thriving in 2013.


Let me explain what happened…


A few years ago fitness experts realized that starting a bootcamp is an excellent way to add a revenue stream to their fitness business.  That was true then and it’s still true now for the following reasons:


Reason 1: Starting a bootcamp is fast. Even if you don’t have any experience, you can get your own bootcamp up and running in as little as a few days or a few weeks.


Reason 2: Starting a bootcamp is inexpensive. You don’t need to pay franchise fees, gym fees, rental fees or drain your budget with other expensive fees. You can even trim equipment fees by doing bootcamps based on bodyweight exercises.


Reason 3: People love bootcamps.  This is true last year, this year and for years to come.  They like bootcamps for one simple reason: they work. And when you get great results for your clients, you can bet they’ll come back to you again and again.


So what happened the last few years? Everyone started up their own bootcamps. In the beginning, people made money just because they were the first in their area to create fitness bootcamps. But then more and more competition moved in. And those who had no idea how to market their bootcamps lost business.  And then they started crying that “bootcamps are dying.”


Well, yeah. If you don’t differentiate yourself or put two seconds into marketing, then don’t be surprised if no one signs up. “Build it and they will come” is just a fairytale. But if you build it AND advertise it, then your bootcamps will overflow with cash-paying customers.


Think of it this way: if there’s a lot of competition in your area, that’s a GOOD thing. It shows you that there’s a big market out there. And all you have to do to slice off a piece of this market for yourself is follow these three tips:


Tip #1: Differentiate your bootcamp. There are a lot of people running ho-hum bootcamps. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to do something different. For example, you can:


  • Target a different market. If everyone is doing “bride bootcamps,” then maybe you’ll find a gap in the market like “mom bootcamps” or athletic bootcamps.


  • Create a different bootcamp experience. Maybe everyone else is doing bodyweight bootcamps.  So you offer something different, like circuit-based bootcamps.  Or maybe everyone else just offers exercise, but you add value by offering nutrition tips, too. Or Differentiate by incorporating bootcamp games and challenges.


Point is, when a prospective camper is scanning the bootcamp ads in your area, you want your ad to jump out.


Tip #2: Differentiate yourself. There are a lot of bootcamp trainers. What makes you different from the others in the area?

 Point is, not only can you sell your bootcamp experience, you can sell yourself as a qualified trainer.


Tip #3: Market your bootcamp. You wouldn’t expect to magically lose weight without ever exercising or dieting, would you? Of course not, because that’s a fairytale. And neither should you expect to run a successful business without marketing and advertising. This includes:


  • Creating a unique selling proposition. What makes you different from the competition?


  • Advertising your business through flyers, direct mail, word-of-mouth (referral programs), press releases, classified ads,facebook ads and more.


  • Put in place customer retention and loyalty programs so that you get more repeat business from existing campers.





Bootcamps are dying? Don’t believe it. Those who take the time to create an exciting bootcamp, target the right customers, and advertise their business know that bootcamps are alive, well and VERY profitable in 2013 and beyond!




Georgette Pann: She has 25+ years experience in the Health and Fitness field with expertise in fitness bootcamps.She is author and creator of the best selling “Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Business in a Box” at http://thefitnessbootcamp.com

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