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Onsite Corporate Fitness in Every Business

Onsite Corporate Fitness in Every Business

By Greg Justice, M.A.



Every business, large or small can and should have onsite corporate fitness active within its walls, as the workplace is a logical location and time for a fitness activities.


The job, career, or work life is fully one third of the average American’s life.  


Another third is spent sleeping and the remaining third is the time they use to get everything else done that they want and need to do.


We live in a world that moves very fast. Micro this, instant that…  The pace is hectic, the demands are great, and stress is high.


Business needs employees to be fully present, alert, and productive.  Those qualities can be truly difficult to achieve when a person is unhealthy, chronically ill, or absent.  Business has a vested interest in maintaining employee health.


You, the personal or group fitness trainer, have the ability, skills, and knowledge to provide it.


The average participation level at workplace boot camps runs between 25% and 45%.  The ideal number of participants for a trainer is 10 – 20 per session.  Our ideal starting point is with businesses that have 100 or more employees because of these facts.  If a smaller business has just 10 employees who are already committed to wellness or fitness, go for it.  You won’t have to worry about fall off and you’ll probably see a lot more energy.


Whether the business has 10, 50, or 100 employees, you need to be professional and respect the corporate process.


  • Start with a needs/assessment survey …AssessmentSurvey
    You and the business will both have a picture to work from.


  • On-site programs are most effective. It’s been shown to be less likely for employees to venture out elsewhere to exercise, and most feel short of time as it is. Use a conference room, warehouse, parking lot, yard area, or anywhere else that may be appropriate and available.


  • You can use body weight and/or limited equipment. Easy, quick pick up afterward.


  • We recommend half-hour sessions, so you can get them in and out, and back to their productive days.


  • Be respectful of the corporate environment and keep the sound levels reasonable because loud, pounding noise may be distracting to others.


  • Do as much of the record keeping yourself and send quarterly reports to management.



A simple guideline for pricing your corporate boot camp starts with your base hourly rate…Ours is $200.00.  We usually run 30-minute sessions, so the value is $100.00 / class.  We bill either monthly or quarterly, depending on the company’s preference.  That all-inclusive pricing includes the nutrition component, which includes meal planning and grocery, lists.


Below is a Newbie Trainers Checklist – Here are some must know basics when first starting a corporate boot camp program or trainers may find themselves working for next to nothing.


We offer a complete checklist that is available to trainers…..Your free Corporate Fitness Checklist


Here are some of the key elements:


  • Know your customer. Are the clients sedentary? Do they spend their days pushing and no pulling? You will get a heath history on each, yet there will be trends in the job functions at different businesses. Know these so you can plan your exercise workouts accordingly.


  • Be clear about what is and what is not included in your price. Be clear about when payment is to be made. Be clear about what your responsibilities are in this program, as well as what you expect from management and employees.


  • It’s all about them. Make sure their needs, their concerns, their desires are addressed. You are working for them. Just do your job, and do it well. Leave your personal life at home. Focus on the client while you are with the client.


  • Scout the building out with the owner or manager signing the check. Make sure you both agree on a location(s) and time(s) for the corporate boot camp workouts. Nothing leaves a more sour taste than a miscommunication in business.


  • Get it in writing. A contract that is complete will include the dates, times, location, starting date and ending date, the cost, when payment is due, what is expected at each session, length of each session.


  • Remember who your client is. You are accountable to the company. They are paying the bill.


  • Always remember to respect the privacy rights of the individuals, even though the client is the company.


  • Plan your 12 sessions in advance. Plan your email topics in advance. Have your website up and running in advance.


  • Do not add to the paperwork load for HR. You do most of the paperwork.


  • Be where you said you would be when you said you would.


  • Enjoy yourself.


The majority of onsite fitness classes are run during the lunch hour if they have shower facilities.  Employees will workout for a half hour and then they have the other half hour to change and eat, then they are back at their desk or workstation.  If there are no showers available, they can do their workouts after work. This is a major discussion point that must be covered early on in the sales process.


Make sure you run a tight ship and follow the guidelines that you establish with the management team.

If you are running back to back programs with the same company, make sure you are moving them in and out exactly on schedule.  One slip up by you and the employee gets off track with the boss.


The confidence and respect the business owner has for you is in direct proportion to how well you cover your bases up front, run your program, follow the guidelines you both agreed upon, as well as the results you get.  The ease with which they renew their contract with you is also in direct proportion to those same factors.


It is a big deal for a business owner to hold onsite fitness classes for its employees. It is an honor for you to be considered as their trainer.  When you respect that honor and do a very good job for them, they will not hesitate to refer and recommend you to their network of business owner acquaintances.


With those referrals, your program and processes will carry you far and wide into the incredible world of onsite corporate fitness.


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