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Do You Make These Training Mistakes?

Top 4 Muscle Imbalances Mistakes



When people hear the word, “muscle imbalance”, they think “tight muscle” so let me stretch it.


This is kind of right, you need to stretch it but why does the muscle imbalance come back after you stretch it?


Because there is much more to eliminating muscle imbalances permanently than just stretching tight muscles.


That is mistake #1 when it comes to muscle imbalances.


Let me go through a few more that you or your clients might be making.


#2 – Not Looking at Fascia


We all know someone that has plantar fasciitis. 


There is a good chance what they have been given to address their plantar fasciitis stretches.


Many times  this will provide temporary relief but the pain comes back.  The reason why, is people try to address plantar fasciitis like it is a muscle issue even though it is fascia issue.


This is one example but there are numerous other examples in the hamstrings, biceps and ITband.


In order to address muscle imbalances, you need to address fascia in the body like it is fascia and not muscle.


#3 – Not Taking Breathing Serious


Only focusing on breathing out during exertion and breathing in during relaxation phases of exercise are important to keep a steady blood pressure in clients butbreathing is so much more than that.


It needs to be integrated into core exercises in order to relax the diagram and relax theaccessory muscles of the chest wall.


It needs to be integrated into dynamic exercises in order to assist in movement efficiency and proper movement patterns.


It needs to be incorporated into stretching and self massage (SMR) in order to get the maximum benefit from the stretch or self massage plus relax surrounding muscles and fascia.


#4 – All Core Training is the Same


Over the last 13 year, core training has evolved tremendously.  With more research being done on the continuum of core training when it relates to clients that are rehabilitating an injury,improving fitness results or maximizing performance goal. 


Coretraining has become a continuum that you move along or focus in on in order toget the results that you want.


There area alot more examples of mistakes exercise enthusiasts and health & fitnessprofessionals make when it comes to muscle imbalances but I think you get thepoint from just these four examples.


Next time you come across a tight muscle, remember, there is more to just stretch it out in order to get rid of it for good.


Rick Kaselj,MS




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