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Putting the Fun Factor in Your Bootcamps

Putting the Fun Factor in Your Bootcamps

Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT


It’s like the beginning of Christmas season, if you own or operate a fitness class, gym, or do boot camps. Everyone is getting out of their lazy summer habits and making new routines for the upcoming year. Our job is to make sure we create the type of environment that will house these “summer warriors” and keep them coming back on a regular basis. To achieve this type of environment it all comes down to making an experience for these people when they try your sessions out.

Experience will put you in a category of one and keep people loyal to your program. Many things can go into creating a unique training experience such as new exercises, new formats, new music, facility upgrades, etc. The main thing I use to help set me apart from the boot camps in town is my use of games.

I’m sure you are all familiar with my boot camp games product that has been a HUGE hit in the fitness industry. Well, fall time is here and I am actually working on a “volume 2” to these games as we speak. I am so excited about it that I told Georgette that I would release one of the games to this blog waaaay before anyone will get their hands on the product.

My hopes are that you will incorporate this game at the end of a boot camp or training session to help spice up the format and have a little fun with your clients. After all, the “fun factor” is what will help create that experience that will keep people coming back for more…

Good News Dodge Ball

Format: Two even teams of people

Supplies Needed: Sheets of newspaper crumpled into little balls with a little masking tape around them to keep them from falling apart. Make about 30-40 of them and store them in a plastic bag. Bring them out whenever you play this game.

How to Begin: Each team will stand facing each other lined up on opposite sides of the floor. Designate a line in the middle of the room or use towels to mark it off. Line the paper dodge balls up in the center of the room on the line.

Objective: The team with the last person standing wins.

Rules: When you say “go”, everyone will run to the middle of the room and try to grab as many paper balls as they can.

Then, they start throwing the balls at the other team trying to hit them.

If they are hit, they have to sit out in a half squat position and cheer their team on.

If they catch a paper ball that was thrown at them, the person who threw it is out and they can pick a teammate to get back in the game.

Do not cross the center line or else you are out.

The ultimate goal is to hit the opposite team with the balls or catch the balls thrown while trying not to get hit.


Well, there you have it! Make me proud and use this game ASAP! I would love to hear how much fun your session had playing dodge ball J

If you would like more games to play with your clients make sure to click HERE http://georgettepann.com/bootcampgames

I would love to get your opinion about this game, so feel free to comment and post below.

Game on everyone 


Brian Kalakay, CFT, CTT

Creator TT Boot Camp Games


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