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The Power of Hosting Events in Your Bootcamp

How to Avoid the Dog Days of Summer in Your Boot Camp

The Power of Hosting Events in Your Bootcamp

It’s almost here…the dreaded syndrome that hits a ton of boot camp members and can potentially cost you thousands of dollars a month.

I am of course referring to the “summer time syndrome” where members catch a sniff of that warm sunny weather and stop showing up to workout. This happens quite frequently where I am here in Michigan.

 If you are in any location that has a rough/cold winter you know exactly what I am talking about. Your average winter time session is about 30 members and all of a sudden come July/August time your average session size is maybe 20 members.

 Why does this happen? I mean, of course people want to be outside more to enjoy the weather and are taking a ton of vacations, but in reality that is total bull crap.

 People actually have more time to exercise in the summer than they do in the winter; it’s simply just a shift of priorities. In the winter their priorities are to hit the gym and workout for the social atmosphere and to help shake away the wintertime blues. In the summer, their priorities are to hit the pool, lay outside and participate in other “summer type” activities.

 The thing is you and I both know that it only takes maybe 30-45 minutes to get a good workout in, even if the sun is shining. We both know that these “summer time activities” usually do not involve Burpees, pushups, pull-ups, squats, etc. that helped get them the body they have now.

 This means we have to do something to make getting to boot camp in the summer a priority or we risk losing their results they worked so hard to get in the winter.

 What is a great way of making your boot camp a priority to your clients even if the sun is shining?


 The more involved with your boot camp the clients are in the summer the more they are going to keep your boot camp at the top of the priority list. A great way to get them more involved is running some “events” in your boot camp.

 An event could be as simple as a picnic on a Saturday where you do boot camp in a park and have food after. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but if you hold an event once a month with your boot campers, it is a great way to keep them participating in boot camp.

 When there is always something going on outside of training people will stick around to participate in it as long as it is worth it.

 You could even take the picnic one more step further and make it a “Summer Warrior” picnic, exclusively for people who have attended 6-8 weeks straight of boot camp sessions without missing a week.

 If you do that type of “reward” picnic, I would of course supply all of the food and make it VERY special for these people. This way there is motivation to keep coming to boot camp in the summer time when others are dropping out.

 Whether you choose a picnic, car wash or whatever, just make sure to do one of these a month and really put some time into making it a big event and putting a lot of hype around it so people participate in it.

 If you need more ideas for some events that you can run in your boot camp, make sure to check out the BONUS to my TT Boot Camp Games 2.0 program called Boot Camp Theme Days Report. It is filled with over 24 event day ideas that you can use in your boot camps to prevent the summer time from kicking your butt.




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Well, I hope this helps you out. I know when we run events it totally keeps people showing up and gives them something exciting to look forward to every month.

Keep Rocking It!

-Brian Kalakay, CTT

Creator TT Boot Camp Games


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