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30 Minute Giant Set DB Workout

30 Minute Giant Set DB Workout

 by Funk Roberts, AB and Core Bundle For Fit Pros

Training Specialist for Men Over 40 Certification Course.


Funk and Angela take you through a 32 minute giant set workout using metabolic training to help you build lean muscle while you burn fat. This is great dumbbell workout using giant sets workout protocol.


30 Minute Giant Set Workout
This workout uses the Giant sets protocol where we target quads, biceps, triceps and lower body. Using Giant sets and the metabolic protocol, we will work on a specific body part with 4 exercises before moving to the next giant set. This is a great workout to help you build muscle and burn fat especially because there is little rest in between exercises.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest for 2 sets and then move to the next exercise.

Total Workout Time = 32 Minutes

1. Forward lunges
2. Goblet Reverse lunges
3. Stationary Lunges
4. Curtesy lunges
5. Alternating biceps curls
6. Cross body hammer
7. ISO Bicep Curl Pulses
8. Single Dumbbell Curls
9. Triceps Lying Skull Crushers
10. Lying Crush Press
11. Tate Press
12. Triceps Kickbacks
13. Single Leg Deadlifts
14. Calf Raises
15. Stiff Legged Deadlifts
16. Staggered RDL





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